Post tutorial RSS how to do wepons textures on the new engine we are developing

we are developing an engine and want to share the tips to do textures for it its an engine for FPS games and now I will give an example to show how to do a texture.

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download to the example of the texture and model v.01
All texture of the body of the weapon stay in the same part of the image things like the bolt for bolt action snipers needs to be removed an putted above the the weapon body texture on and texture and model go on this directory FPSTAC\imgmodel\wepons\the name of the weapon on this folder\model-texture this can be find on engine folder the model you have done on blender model needs to be doed on blender or will not work on this first version of the engine OK bolt bi-pod and cartridge needs to be separated from the model to be animated you have a model butdont joint the cartdrige to wepons body for example on the example wepon I posted see all parts have animation on the model is an separeted cube or sphere textures needs to be .bmp or .dds to work.
more thing will be added
tanks for paulo from wemakeagame for the amasing sniper model and texture

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