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This is a tutorial that teaches how to create cinematics on maps, so you learn to create maps with presentations, enjoy Benjamin Pulido.

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This is a tutorial that teaches how to create cinematics on maps, so
you learn to create maps with presentations, enjoy Benjamin Pulido.

It's very simple, simply open the editor for doom3, create a box about large and follow these instructions:

1 .- Create a func_static and rename it to camera_spline, and then open
the inspectors and click on and then on nurbs curve, and magically
appears one line, and start editing with buttons that are above that
say edit, add, ins and with those buttons you edit and then you put the
texture (textures / common / nodraw), and press ESC.

2 .- Create a func_mover and rename it to anchor in the inspectors add
a key called cinematic and implement value 1, another key called solid
and put the value 0 and put func_mover you created in the same place as
the func_static, and put the same texture as the previous one.

3 .- Create a func_cameraview and add a key bind call and put at anchor
value, this is not the texture nodraw choose the texture is black, and
put it in the same place as the func_static and func_mover and press

4 .- Copy this into a script file, for example:

open a script file with notepad delete everything that is there and
paste it but not the doom 3 scripts that you damage the game, create
your script file and paste this:

void start_camera_spline()


$anchor.time(10); //How many seconds it will take to follow the spline from start to finish

$anchor.accelTime(1); //How long it takes to get up to speed

$anchor.decelTime(1); //How long it takes to decelerate

$anchor.startSpline($camera_spline); //Start the func_mover "anchor" moving along the spline


void camera_script()


sys.setCamera($func_cameraview_1); //Set the view to the camera

start_camera_spline(); //calls the script above

sys.wait(10); //The time to wait before switching view back to normal

sys.firstPerson(); //Turn off the camera and switch back to normal view


5 .- And smart script saves the file in the same folder of your map
with the name of your map, and in receipt your cinematic, I hope my
tutorial will have served some purpose. Benjamin Pulido smile big grin


nice tutorial, I just got a few adds:

You don't have to rename the func_mover, the name just makes it easier. For the entities, the best size is a 2x2 with grid of 4 (usual entity-size). And make sure that the center(!) of the func_mover is in the center of func_static!

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thanks for it.

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BenjaminPulido Author

Thanks, this tutorial is mine.

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