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I will show you how to create a Healing Zone for UT2004.

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Ok, this took me days to figure out, and finally managed to do it...

So here we go.

After you create your map and know exactelly where you want the Healing Zone, go to your classes browser and untick both boxes that appear at the top of the list.

Show placeable classes only?
2- Use 'Actor' as parent.

After you have done that, the list will reset, showing you only the categories that are related to triggers.
Scroll down to find "Triggered Action".
Right click on it and select New.
A pop up box should come up.
Type in the following:
Package: My Level
Name: ACTION_HealInstigator

User Posted Image

Click OK, and a Code Window should come up.
Now delete the two lines of the code, leaving just the tittle.
Then copy and paste in the following code:

class ACTION_HealInstigator extends ScriptedAction;

var(Action) int HealAmount;
var(Action) bool bSuperHeal; // like vials and big keg

function bool InitActionFor(ScriptedController C)
if (HealAmount > 0 && C.Instigator != None) {
if (bSuperHeal)
C.Instigator.GiveHealth(HealAmount, C.Instigator.SuperHealthMax);
C.Instigator.GiveHealth(HealAmount, C.Instigator.HealthMax);
return false;

So it looks like this:

User Posted Image

Press enter to add a blank line, and then press on compile changed scripts found in the command menu of the code window.
Make sure it states at the bottom of the window that it has been successfull.
If not, it's because you missed something, so close the editor, go back and do it again.

Then you can close the window, and the classes browser should reset again.
Your new script should now be on the list.
We're almost there...

Now place a trigger in the area where you want the healing zone, and open it's properties to modify the radius to whatever you want.
Then in the Events>Event, type in a name.
Copy the name and then place a trigger condition, and paste the name in Events>Tag.

Almost there, I promisse...

Place a scripted trigger, and open AI script and add the following actions.
0- Wait for event = The name of the trigger event
1- If condition = The name of the trigger condition's tag
2- Healinstigator = (Amount of heal, true to super heal)
3- End section = End
4- wait for timer = 1 milisecond
5- Go to action = 0

...and that's it! We're done.

You can also try to just have the first 3 actions, but I havent tried it that way, so I don't know if it will work.
So there you have it... a healing zone.

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