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This tutorial shows you how to close "holes" in your model or just adding faces. In an easy 3-step-system we will add a face between Vertecies.

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I want to show you here a totally simple way to add the missing face.

We have this plane and We want to close the middle part.

So we select the vertecies in the middle like this

and only press F, so Blender creates a new face.

Hope it helped you!


simple ^^ i still prefer 3ds max :p

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cW#Ravenblood AuthorSubscriber

yep, but I could be helpfull by modeling.
Also, I'm a noob, so I need to find everything.

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not everyone is advanced and knows every single keyboard shortcut on 3d program known to man for beginners this is a useful tutorial and its for people new to it.

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Simple yet... elegant.

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