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Easiest way to assign the same button layout on a gamepad for all your characters.

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One of the most difficult things in mugen is to assign the same key layout for all your characters.
Since all the characters in Mugen have different keys, not only because they're of different games, but sometimes it's the Author's personal choice.
In this tutorial I'm going to teach you, how to prefabricate your own remaps, so you can just copy and paste into your character's Command file, and don't have to mess around, or get all stressed out while playing because you pressed the wrong button in that vital moment.

Here we go.
First thing you need to do is add the default remap to the top of the character's CMD:
To open it, right click the CMD or COM, select edit to ipen it.
If there is already one in there, replace it with the default one.

Default Configuration:
x = x
y = y
z = z
a = a
b = b
c = c
s = s

Go to the Mugen in-game options and assign the keys the way you want.
Assign every attack function to whatever button you want.
Don't worry about the characters not having the same buttons, we will sort that out next.

For mine I have the following layout:
A1 Low Kick
B5 Medium Kick
C2 Strong Kick
X3 Low Punch
Y6 Medium Punch
Z4 Strong Punch

This layout is like street fighter, and so I follow that example for all my characters.
Select the character you want to change and go to practice.
Write down the table from A-Z, just like right above, and the respective number of your keypad.
Your keypad should have numbers in the buttons.
If you don't have numbers, go buy one with numbers, or it will be a nightmare to do this.
Then press each number individualy, so start with button 1-A which is usually Low Kick.

If you have Low Kick in button 1, and you want to keep it there, then just do = 1.
So 1A=1A,
So now you have your first assigned key for the remap a = a.
Now, if you have dodge in 1A, and you want it in B5, then write down like this:
1A=B5, so a=b.

That you get the idea, do this for every character's button, and once you finished, you should have your own remap for that character.
Simply copy and paste it into the character's Com file, and it's done.

Hope you understood this tutorial, and there is no easier way of explaining this, but if you have any doubts, please do ask.

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