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This is my tutorial that is going to be in my sound pack down load, but I felt that it might help others with their mods if they'd like to add sounds of their own.

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This is for those of you who are unsure as how to put sounds into the mod, so here is a tutorial on how to do so.

1) First make sure the audio file is a .wav file. This is the only file type the game recognizes.

2) Put the audio files into the Audio folder in your mod. (For beginners, right click your FOC desktop icon, go to properties, in the tab marked shortcut click the Find Target button, look for the folder marked Mod or Mods and open it, click the mod you want, open the DATA folder and there you will find the Audio folder.) If there is no Audio folder, just make one, the game will recognize it.

Note: If you have no mod folder in the Forces of Corruption folder, you need to download the FOC map editor, once loaded it will automatically make a mod folder with another folder in it named Source. That is the source files folder for the game. If you don't have the map editor it's likely that you don't have the mod launcher either. So in your web browser type FOC mod launcher, or go to

& here is where you can get the map editor

3) Use the Xml editor to make the game recognize the sound files. You do this by opening the Xml file marked SFX_SPACEUNITS or SFX_GROUNDUNITS

Or whatever you're adding to. It's always best to start new code at the bottom of the list. Start your code between the last sound source code and the text that's says SFX_SPACEUNITS. (All code starts and Ends with the file name)

Your code should look like this:

<-The name, SFXEvent Name="Qui_Gon_Test" is what the game will look for
<-Leave the Preset alone (Don't change)
<-Under samples make sure you use DATA\Audio\ then the .wav file name
(Note you should be able to put as many .wav files here as you want, I'm not sure, I've only used up to 5) Just be sure to put DATA\Audio\ before every .wav
<- Make sure Localize state’s yes in the middle (Don't change)
<-Make sure Play_Sequentially state’s yes in the middle (Don't change)
<-Text_ID is how the game matches the event name to the sound file.
ie. (Text_ID_ then the name of the sound file)
<-Where it says Unit_Rebel_Space_Station, Only change where it says Rebel, to Empire or Underworld if the unit belongs to another faction.
<-The last line ends that section of code

4) Once you setup your code in the SFX xml, open the xml containing the unit that your adding sounds to. It could be under it's own xml file Space_Units_X-Wing.xml or a container like Fighters.xml.

Once you find it, scroll down to where it shows the SFX, ie. SFX_Unit_Select etc. This is where you put the SFX event name.

It should look like this

Qui_Gon or whatever you named it Qui_Gon_Select or Qui_Gon_Move

read through what sfx's you have. It should have

* Select
* Move
* Stop
* Guard
* Follow
* Start Build
* Stop Build
* Build Cancelled
* Build Finished
* Death
* Spawn

Then there are the areas for the Engine loop or flyby for ships, weapons fire, etc.

5) Make sure that all the names match, and play the game to make sure it worked. If you run into any problems let me know.

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