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An undead mage in the middle of the champions of good. It will be over quick or a wonderful, beautiful, nightmare as you unleash hell. Be careful of God King Masus south of you.

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Tsarevo Vordan The Magician of the House Blackstaff – You start with a strong defendable territory with room to grow. Every county in your demense has a temple. One of them actually has two. So I would suggest getting religious customs early. Build up your churches and levies right away. This is a very hard stretch of land to defend. I would suggest conquering the halflings right away and try to make an alliance with god king masus right away. You guys are both immortal and infertile so you might as well make friends. One of the only things you really got going for yourself is that an army lead by you, is going to annihilate and you get 6000 Undead Soldiers. Don’t forget to select an aspect in the intrigue tab. You can also hold great blots to kill your prisoners off. Try to get at least 3 before you hold one and sell any prisoners that you can if you have a lot.


Good advice and interesting scenario. Will try.

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