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Q: I cannot find the mod in the Steam games library list. Where is it?
A: Check the mod installation path. It should be "[Steam Apps Library Path]\common\Half-Life", where [Steam Apps Library Path] is most likely to be "[Steam Installation Path]\SteamApps". Don't forget to restart Steam after installing the mod! If you've done all right, the mod will appear under the Steam "Installed" apps list as "Half-Life: Subtitles Mod".

Q: Will this mod work for a cracked (no-Steam) version of the game?
A: It's hard to say, you can try running the mod at your own risk. But I suppose it would be better to purchase the game, it costs not that much and developers really deserve it.

Q: Will this mod work for Half-Life: Source?
A: No, it certainly won't. Half-Life: Source, as said in its title, is a Half-Life port to the Source engine, while this mod is designed to work on GoldSrc (the engine of original Half-Life).

Q: Why I get the following error: "Could not load library [Half-Life Path]\sm_valve\cl_dlls\client.dll"?
A: The mod was built using the last Half-Life sources from the Valve's GitHub repository. It requires the up-to-date Steam version of Half-Life to run properly, which has version number, as of February 2015. WON game versions ( and below) are not supported.

Q: I installed the mod on Linux (Ubuntu, OSX, ...), but there are no subtitles showing up. What's the matter?
A: Mod libraries are built for Windows only. Technically it's possible to compile them for other platforms, but due to VGUI1 library on these platforms being buggy it could only be done when there be much more time for fixing it.

Q: How to run the mod indirectly (not from the Steam games library list)?
A: You can run it indirectly either using the shortcut with the target "[Steam Installation Path]\Steam.exe" -applaunch 70 -game sm_valve (the working directory must be "[Steam Installation Path]"), or using this URL. Both of them are correct.

Q: Sometimes there are no music where it should be. Is it a bug?
A: Music playback issues are engine-side, and we cannot fix it using mod libraries. Playback is hardcoded deeply into the GoldSrc engine to work for Half-Life and its expansions, but it seems not to be tested to work for anything else. So, in third-party mods it works for one specific trigger_cdaudio, while it doesn't for another. It is not a critical game issue, though.

Q: Is there any way to load save files from the original version of Half-Life on to the mod?
A: Half-Life's savegame files are compatible with the mod, and vice versa. Simply copy all files from the "[Half-Life Path]\valve\SAVE" directory to the "[Half-Life Path]\sm_valve\SAVE" one, and they will appear in the list.

Q: Is this mod strictly a subtitles mod only, or will there be other additional features to furthermore improve upon Half-Life?
A: Inter alia, this mod fixes some long-living Half-Life bugs (you can find tons of these in the changelog). The main goal of doing this is to improve gameplay experience. Neither huge engineering changes (just like FMOD support integration, and so on) nor non-canonical gameplay features are planned to be introduced.

Q: Will the Unicode support be implemented some day?
A: Unfortunately, VGUI1 doesn't support any sort of the Unicode natively because it's supposed to work with the plain ANSI. Although it's technically possible to re-invent the wheel and make basic hand-made Unicode support, the code overhead and impossibility to use complex script features negates all the benefits of that wheel. It means that we'll need to code cross-platform Uniscribe-like API for VGUI1 from the scratch, what is a sort of a complete madness. The only theoretically possible way is to make use of VGUI2, but it's impossible since GoldSrc VGUI2 sources and .lib files are not published.


Como colocar em outra língua

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só baixar a versão em português

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Does this work for Blue Shift and Opposing Force?

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Could you post a video about this? Like a youtube video on how to? I did all the steps and it did not work.

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