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The place to look if you wish to help me develop this mod!

Posted by on - Basic Client Side Coding

I am always looking for people with suggestions!
Believe it or not... they can help! :D

But if you want to actually do something other than think and type. Well,
I need people who can make top-down images of the ships!
Requirements for images:
-PNG file
-Transparent background
-Must be the ship and only the ship
-Must have checked to make sure the ship is not in the game or in development! [Aka Ask me if I need the ship you want to send!]
-Must be a realistic image of the ship! [Must look good and must not have things that are not commonly existant on the ships]

If you can think of another way you could help me message me it and I will decide if I need that help or not!

Thank you for your time! :D

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