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A short video tutorial presented by Papaschlange with some additional text information below...

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Wall Jump [Space, Space]
An ability exclusive to Marksmen. The wall jump can be used to get to higher vantage points for sniping or simply for escaping as the Marksman class is the most vulnerable to damage.

Progressive Zoom [Mouse Scroll]
For sniper rifles, instead of right-clicking twice for a further zoom, you can incrementally adjust it with the mouse scroll. You can even adjust the zoom by simply holding the gun and rolling the mouse scroll without looking thru the scope.

Hold Your Breath [Shift]
In HellStrike, the further you zoom in, the more sensitive your mouse movement becomes. While looking thru the scope, pressing down shift to hold your breath will cut down your zoom sensitivity by about a quarter. The effect takes about a second from pressing down shift.

Sniping in Prone
Shooting bolt-action sniper rifles while scoped exits you from scoped view as you're cycling the bolt. This does not happen when you're in prone which make picking out enemies much easier but leaves you a lot less mobile.

Dive [Sprint + E]
Slide belly-down along the ground. Unlike in other games, it does not automatically stand you up at the end of travel. You can use this if you're in a hurry to get behind cover of a low wall. You can also trip players if you slide into them.

Kick [F]
Kick destructable items around the map. You can destroy doors too. Kick enemies away and knock them back. There is also a small stun in the kick. If friendly fire is on, you can also kick blocking teammates out of the way.

Toggle LAM (Laser Aiming Module) on or off. The laser can be seen by enemies and may give away your position so use wisely.

Quick Draw [2, 2]
While holding your primary weapon, tap 2 twice or just mash it and you'll get to shoot quicker with the pistol, bypassing the firing delay from deploying. Useful when caught off-guard while reloading your primary gun.

Dropping Weapons [G]
Press and hold G to drop your weapon. This is so players won't accidentally drop their guns.

Selling Weapons [G]
Dropping your weapon in your buyzone while buytime is still active sells that weapon, earning you some money. Bought the wrong gun? No problem, just sell it. See an enemy drop a machine gun? Pick it up and sell it for major cash.

Slide Grab
Sliding or diving into weapons will pick them up if your slot for them is vacant.

Grenade Cooking [RMB]
In HellStrike, grenade fuse times are longer compared to Counter-Strike. To compensate, you can cook the grenade first before throwing. While holding down LMB, ready to throw, press RMB to start cooking. Careful: if you don't throw before the progress bar finishes the grenade will detonate in your face.

Grenade Throwback [E]
Pick up grenades and throw them again before they explode. Useful for giving enemies back their grenades or rectifying a botched throw. If you're real fast, you can even perform a throwback with the grenade mid-air.

Grenade Callout [R]
Press R while holding a grenade to warn your teammates that you are about to throw. Enemies can also hear your callouts so be careful.

Reload Callout [R]
Tap R while reloading to inform teammates you are reloading. If there are bot teammates, they may come and cover for you. Tapping R with no reserve ammo will inform teammates that you are running low of ammunition.

Dodge & Roll [v1.1: AA or DD | v1.2: A + Space or D + Space]
While standing, you can perform a quick sideways skip with Dodge to suddenly pop in or out of corners. It's the same when in prone but you perfrom a roll rather than a skip. Dodge and Roll are also immune to pain shock, that slowing effect when being shot at so you can use these to escape gun fire.

Weapon Inspect [B]
Press B while out of the buyzone to admire the works of both Romeo(L) and Bobito Pawner. Alternatively, if you hold down Tab for too long it will inspect the weapon.

Change Class [L]
You can change role/class by pressing L. You can bring up the menu any time but your role will be changed in the next round. You can change roles as much as you like.

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