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ParentAttachment is usefull for Attach hats to humans or get em to hold things.

Posted by on - Intermediate Mapping/Technical

The tutorial in text:

I will show you how to make a bucket-hat on a citizen like this

1, First place a npc_citizen

2, Give the "npc_citizen" a name

3, Now place a "prop_dynamic_override"

4, Find the model you want (i will use a bucket)

5, Now place the bucket ("prop_dynamic_override") on the head of the "npc_citizen"

6, Give the bucket ("prop_dynamic_override") a name

7, Go to "OutPuts" in the "logic_relay"

8, Use this OutPut: "OnSpawn-(name of the bucket)-setparent-the name of the "npc_citizen")

9, Now add this OutPut: "OnSpawn-(the name of the bucket)SetParentAttachmentMaintainOffset-mouth" and then add a delay of 0.01 (very important)

10, Now Youre Done!!

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