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For those using the Occulus Rift, you may get a bit motion sick moving as fast as you do in game, so here is a way to do it without any need for input console commands everytime you play.

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Half-Life 2 natural movement speed [Tutorial] (self.oculus) by Jjiinx
I've noticed that playing Half-Life 2 with the Oculus Rift can be quite jarring since you seem to move ungodly fast most of the time. After playing around with some key bindings I've come up with a solution that seems to be working quite well! Only do this if you wish to have 'walking' speed as default.What this does is it sets your basic movement speed to be similar to a walking speed, you can hold down shift to run or hold down alt to sprint (suit sprint).

First browse to "\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2\cfg" and create a new text document named 'autoexec.cfg', open the cfg file and add the following lines

cl_forwardspeed 100;
cl_sidespeed 70;
cl_backspeed 60;
cl_upspeed 40;

alias "+fast" "cl_forwardspeed 200;"
alias "-fast" "cl_forwardspeed 100;"
bind "shift" +fast

alias "+duckfast" "+duck; cl_forwardspeed 200;"
alias "-duckfast" "-duck; cl_forwardspeed 100;"
bind "ctrl" "+duckfast;"

alias "+sprintfast" "+speed; cl_forwardspeed 450;"
alias "-sprintfast" "-speed; cl_forwardspeed 100;"
bind "alt" "+sprintfast;"

Feel free to edit the bind keys to whatever feels more comfortable to you (and this isn't a definitive way to do it, there are other ways). If you feel the info bars on the side of the crosshair distract you, use this in autoexec: hud_quickinfo 0 (I have always found it distracting). With more natural movement speed the game seems to feel a lot more comfortable in VR. Most of the time fast movement is very good for normal gaming since you always want to be in the action, however, VR seems to really relax this feeling, and walking around slower and just looking at your surroundings is just as entertaining as the action parts.
I really hope someone finds this useful!

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