How to do most of the puzzles (Spoilers):

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If You need help heres another guide on how to do most of the puzzles (Spoilers):

Getting into the bathroom:

Hit The golden apple Picture thats in the library on the 2nd floor, then the sideways gate should close and the apple shooting machine can no longer hit the switch Now just check if the bathroom gate is open. if its closed then just hit the switch.

Getting to the porch:

On the 2nd floor theres a random pile of junk with a boat and a gate and other things... above that theres a golden apple picture hit it with an item and you should be abled to get to the porch.

Opening the door inside the basement:

Inside the basement there should be a door. to open that door you have to get to the box maze room and finish the maze you'll have to take away some boxes that block your way in the maze. The key is at the end in the cupboard behind those tiny boxes

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