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How to make your way around the built in map builder for groupthink!

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groupthink v.42 documentationThis document is to give a quick intro to the map builder in groupthink.(groupthink is currently in some odd alpha/beta hybrid and while I don't expect any crashes, if the game does crash a temp.tmp file in the folder groupthink is in will hold a recent save of your map.Copy/pasting it into your map file's .pmm file will restore it. See below on map files.)If you have any questions shoot me a message:* on reddit /u/daveyeah * email me at mapbuilder guide:Insert = add a player at mouse cursor.End = set the end of the mapw - Walld - Doork - Keye - Tiles (purely cosmetic gray tiles. I suggest waiting until the map is done to put down tiles, they can be a bit annoying to work with when deleting objects) r - Red Tiles (Boxes cannot be pushed over red tiles, can be changed to green)p - pressure padsc - Conveyor Beltb - Box - (press shift for a colored box that can only activate like-colored box destinations)s - Box Destination (Squares)l - laser emittor (press shift for a colored laser that can only be received by like-colored receivers.)f - laser reflectorv - laser splitterg - laser receivera - laser color switch (switches the color of colored lasers mid stream. Hold a number and middle click on a color switch to have multiple colors on a color switch)0-9 - change the color of the door, key, square, or laser receiver that is being placed.shift + 0-9 = more colors.left click - ADD an objectmiddle click on an object- CHANGE an object (open a door, lower a wall, change red tile to green, turn on a laser, change direction of a reflector, change direction of conveyor belt.)NOTE: In order to change an object you have to be currently editing the same object type. ex: in order to raise/lower a wall you have to be editing walls. right click - DELETE an objectshift + right click = "paint" delete mode for removing a lot of objects================LINKING - In order to link with an object you have to be currently editing the same object type. ex: in order to link objects to a pressure pad you have to be editing pressure pads.Reflectors, squares, and pressure pads can be linked to the following:Doors (open/close)Conveyor Belts (change direction)Walls (raise/lower - this is kind of glitchy right now, just save and reload if linking walls seems to be broken)Red Tiles (turn green/red see above regarding glitchiness)Lasers - (on/off)To start link mode, middle click on any linking object. To exit link mode, middle click anywhereon the map that isn't a linkable object.left click - ADD a link to an object.middle click - CHANGE a linked object (conveyors belts can be moved in different directions this way).right click - DELETE a link.===========MAP FILES - Maps in groupthink are organized into playlists (pmm files). Each line in a file is an individual level. If you want to reorganize your map file manually or move a map to a different file, just cut a line and paste it on a different row.In Windows 7+, the map files you create will be in the following folder:(Where C: is the drive Windows is installed to)C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\groupthink\mapsin Windows XP it will be in this folder:C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\groupthink\mapsMap files can be rearranged in game by holding shift and hitting ',' to move a map to a previous position or '.' to the next position. Indicators on the top of the screen will show the previous and next map in the current map's new position.==============SHARINGThe easiest way to share a map with other players is to paste it on; with version 0.41 a "Share" menu makes this process simple. You can copy either the current map you have on screen or all of the maps currently loaded.Once you get to pastebin just paste all of the map data from your clipboard and save the post. Then share the URL you get with friends or submit it to the groupthink subreddit on reddit at RANDOM STUFF* Z to Zoom in/out. * F2 = New map, F3 = Delete map, F5 = Save* "," = next map, "." = previous. (really it's < and > but who wants to hit shift?)* Shift + "," to move a map to the previous position in a map file, Shift + "." to move it to the next position.* backspace = test map. While testing Tab can be used to switch characters. The green guy will switch to the positions of other guys on the map for you to control using WASD.* You can start any object in it's a changed state and then link it to a linking object, this wayyou can create a wall after an objective is completed or turn green tiles red to restrict objectmovement.* I think that's it, thanks for playing!

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