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A brief welcome to the game from our abusive shop keeper, Vido

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Get Equipped

Buy a starter weapon.
Listen up, scrub. There are three major equipment stores in Fort Boyard: Alder's, Vanora's, and Bhaskar's. Each store specializes in equipment for different stats: STR, DEX, and WIS, respectively. Buy a weapon from one of those Dim-Witted Picklemunchers. I don't give a Koshu's arse what you buy, just don't get anything you aren't strong enough to equip!Buy an offhand item.
You should have about 1,000 cogs left after buying a weapon. Pixel's shop sells offhand items like shields. If you can get past his depressing, party pooper attitude, he actually has some decent junk for sale. Pay him his 500 cogs and grab a shield or attack tome...or just hide it in one of your mushroom pores and walk out the door, like I do. You don't have a mushroom cap? What a loser.Equip your crap!
Head over to My Inventory, and then equip your broken old gear, you nub! You want better gear? You want to be all shiny and badass? Yeah...maybe someday...assuming you don't die first.
Train your stats

You're lookin' a bit flabby.
Been hitting the buffet a lot lately? How about hitting a punching bag, instead? In the Workout Centre, you'll start with 7 free trains. Everytime you level up, you'll earn 2 more. Be sure to spend these trains before you head out into the Wild!
Choose your Race

What the heck is a Nomad?!
Your Race will give you a powerful bonus in Lost Talismans. When you first start the game, you are a Nomad with no Race. Unless you are entirely masochistic, and want to play the game without a Race bonus, choose a Race that fits your playstyle! Visit Prophet Yemi in Fort Boyard and she will change your race for you. As you gain Race experience, your Race Level will go up and grant you greater bonuses. (You receive a 1% bonus per Race Level; for example a Race Level 2 Dark Elf will have a 2% drop rate bonus.)
Kill all the things!

Don't die.
Now that you've equipped some gear, trained your stats, and chosen a Race like a good little nub, head out into the Wild and kill some stuff! Click on The Wild, and look for creatures that are close to your level to kill. If you do not see anything to kill, you'll need to start spawning them by exploring through the tiles. Creatures will spawn randomly when a player completes an action in the Wild, like moving or attacking. Just start running around like a madman/madwoman/madperson and you'll start to see creatures spawning around you! The more you kill them, more will spawn! The more you spawn, the sooner I'll get to see your obituary in the newspaper! ...because you suck.

Congratulations, you aren't entirely worthless!
As you level up, don't forget to check back at the shops and see if you can equip any new gear! Once you reach Level 6, visit the World Map and try your luck at the Forest of Endelia. The creatures there are much more difficult to kill, but will be much more rewarding. Assuming, of course, that you are even good enough to make it to Level 6...
Come see me once you start finding talismans. I can show you a trick or two with those babies.

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