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Tutorial explains the controls, how to obtain a key, how to play, etc...

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Getting Started

  1. Latest Download
    1. Available on the front page, just click on the picture that says "Download "The World" Now!".
  2. Starting Up
    1. When you start the game you will be prompted to select a screen resolution and graphics quality. Set the graphics quality to "Fantastic" (you can tweak individual settings in-game), and choose your desired screen resolution. Leave the "Input" tab as is and click "Play!".

    2. You
      should now see the patching screen, the patcher will take a moment to
      check for any updates. Soon after a button will appear below that will
      ask you to either "Update" or "Play". Press play, or update and return back and press play once the client is up to date.

    3. A short intro will appear, with the login screen following shortly after.
  3. Registration
    1. On the login screen enter your desired Username and Password.

    2. Hit "Register".
    3. The message "Registration successful!" will appear just below your password box.
    4. You will be returned to the login screen.
    5. Enter in the Username and Password that you just registered.
    6. A prompt will appear explaining how to get access to an alpha key.
    7. Click the red [x] at the right hand corner of the prompt to close it.
    8. The login box will be replace with a box asking you for your alpha key.
    9. If you have your key. Skip step 4, enter your key and hit "Register".
  4. Alpha Key
    1. The game is in closed alpha, meaning that access is restricted only to specific testers, and those users with alpha keys.
    2. You can get an alpha key by being active on the forums for a few months, and then asking Siegfre for a key.
    3. Or
      you can also gain a key by directly contributing to the project. Do you
      have a special skill that could be useful to the project? PM Siegfre
      and ask if you can help out in-exchange for a key.
    4. Or you can donate for a key, a minimum donation of $40 can be made here: - Your donation will get you access to the game's Alpha and Beta.
    5. Once you've done one of these you will receive a confirmation email with your alpha key shortly after.

  5. UI Elements

    1. Chat Window

      • When you receive a message in a chat, it will blink until you click on it.
      1. Local

        1. Chat that extends to players in the same root town or field. Also extends to dungeons within a field.
        2. /name to whisper.
          1. Can only be heard by you and the person that you are whispering to.
      2. World
        1. Chat that extends to everyone, everywhere in the game.
      3. Party
        1. Chat that extends to your current party members.
      4. Guild
        1. Chat that extends to everyone in your guild, wherever they are in the game.
    2. Hotkey bar
      1. Settings

        1. System Settings

          1. Not implemented.
        2. Game Settings
          1. Brings up the graphics settings, the key editor, and the Oculus Rift toggle. (activates when you enter first person mode)
        3. Log Out
          1. Disconnects you, and then closes out of the game.
        4. Exit Game
          1. Closes out of the game.
        5. Resume Game
          1. Will close the window and resume the game.
      2. Equipment
        1. Brings up your active equipment, click an equipped item to detach it.
        2. Clicking on "Character Statistics" brings up the character's current list of stats.
        3. Drag the window up or down to bring more of the stats into view.
      3. Inventory
        1. Displays all of your items, consumables, weapons, armor, and key items.
        2. Hover over an item to display the item information.
        3. Click a consumable to use it.
        4. Click a weapon/armor to equip it. (the equipment slot must be free, and you must meet the level requirement)
    3. Character Health Bar
      1. Your current health, once it reaches 0 you will die.
      2. When you die you end up in the Aos Si.
      3. A prompt will appear that says: ""YOU ARE DEAD, Would you like to return to town?"
        1. If you click "Yes", you will be returned to the Root Town that you warped from.
        2. If you click "No", you will be left to wander the Aos Si.
    4. Character SP Bar
      1. Your current Skill Points. You must have at least the required skill points to cast a spell.
    5. Character EXP Bar
      1. How much exp you currently have, and how much is needed to level up.
    6. Character Stamina
      1. Stamina is required to perform melee attacks. Your stamina goes up when you stand still.
    7. Gold
      1. Your current gold, used to buy items, and services.
    8. Chaos Gate
      1. Enter keywords to warp to new locations.

        • Current Keywords
          1. "Hidden Forbidden Holy ground"
          2. "Hidden Forbidden Sea of Sand"
          3. "Bursting Eternal Hypha"
          4. "Detestable Smiling Paradise"
          5. "Soft Momentary Spiral"
          6. "Boundless Agonizing Melody
          7. "Rejecting Forbidden messenger"
      2. Up and Down arrows change the currently keyword.
      3. Left and Right arrows change which keyword is currently selected.
      4. When a group of keywords is red, the area is a PvP field.
      5. Below the keywords you will find the areas element, and level.
      6. "Warp"
        • Warps the player to the currently selected field.
    9. Shop
      1. The right hand corner will say "BUY" if you're selling items, and "SELL" if you're buying items.

        • Click "BUY" or "SELL" to switch from buying to selling or from selling to buying.
      2. To buy an item click "BUY" next to the item.
      3. To sell an item click "SELL" next to the item.
      4. To go to the next page of items click "NEXT".
      5. To return to the previous page of items click "PREVIOUS".
    10. Guild Management
      1. To create a guild type in the guild name, guild description, and select the guild type.
      2. Click "CREATE" to create your guild.
      3. If you already have a guild, you will have the option to "DISBAND" your guild.
    11. Quest
      1. Not fully implemented.
    12. Drop Down
      1. Add Friend
      2. Form Party - Leave Party
      3. Trade
      4. Guild invite - Kick from guild
    13. Character Customization
      • Lets you customize your characters physical appearance, clothes, and class.
      • Class - Each class is limited to one specific type of weapon.
    14. Friends List
      • List all your friends as Online or Offline. Clicking a name will automatically whisper them in chat.
    15. Flash Mail
      • Lets you send messages to members that are Offline.
      1. Send a new message.

        1. Click "New Message"
        2. Enter the name of the user that you are sending the message to.
        3. The subject of your message.
        4. Enter your message.
        5. Press send.
      2. When
        you have new messages, a small box will appear in the right hand corner
        of your screen, with the number of unread messages you have.
      3. Clicking on the subject of a message will open the message so that it can be read.
    16. Trade
      1. The window on left, contains your entire inventory.
      2. The
        window on the right, contains the items that you are trading on top.
        And the items that the other person is trading on bottom.
      3. The
        gold window on the left, contains the amount of gold that you are
        trading to the other person. Press "+" to increase the value, press "-"
        to decrease the value.
      4. The gold window on the right, contains the amount of gold that the other person is trading to you.
      5. "Cancel" will cancel out of the trade.
      6. "Accept" will lock your trade items and signal to the other player that you are ready to trade.
      7. When both players accept, the items will be traded and the window will close.
  6. Controls
    1. i - inventory
    2. c - equipment and stats
    3. p - friends list
    4. esc - options window
    5. ctrl - toggle mouse cursor
    6. PgDn - Sit Toggle
    7. Shift - Roll
    8. 1 - 10 cast spells/skills (when equipped with a weapon that has spells/skills)
    9. F1 - Open chaos gate. (once in range)
    10. F2 - Character customization.
    11. F3 - Flash Mail
    12. F9 - Display current position in chat
    13. "Right Click" -> Player - Drop Down
    14. Left click - Normal attack
    15. Right click - Strong attack
    16. Middle click - Target enemy
    17. Space - Jump
    18. Scroll wheel - zoom
  7. Aqua Polis
    1. When you get into Aqua Polis for the first time, you will start next to the Chaos Gate. Nearby is the:
    2. Weapon shop
    3. Potion shop
    4. Armor Shop
    5. Quest manager
    6. Guild manager


  1. I have not received my Alpha key, or forum status.

    • Please PM Siegfre on the forums and he will take care of the issue.
  2. I have a problem with my account.
    • Please PM Siegfre on the forums and he will take care of the issue.
  3. There is a problem with the game.
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