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A get started for how to help with coding on Windows Mac and Linux.

Posted by on - Intermediate Client Side Coding

Get Started:

You want to help us without being a member of Undead Arena team? Just follow those steps:

  • Linux only: Installation
  • First, install Unity 4.6 (I'll soon update the sources to Unity 5)
  • Then go to the Asset Store and buy UFPS
  • Fork the repository on github
  • Clone the forked repository (use the desktop app on Windows or git clone your_url)
  • Open the project in Unity 4.6
  • Import UFPS assets.

Now you have a fully working project that you can modify (add map, scripts, arts, musics...).

I highly recommend using "Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO 3.0" for making maps but you can use whatever you want.

Don't forget to make a pull request after commiting to your own repo or the changes will never be added to the official game.


If you are not a dev, you can still help us by completing the github wiki (here) or making textures, musics etc.... and then send them to my email

Thank you for reading and have fun :)

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