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How to get started using XAS and details on the Garuda Boss from Guelstie's Sandbox Demo for RPGMaker VX Ace!

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Initializing the Boss

Like most bosses in your RPGMaker VX Ace game, you will likely need to create an event that manages the scene.

GarudaBoss Init

Scene Management events are crucial to creating a smooth boss battle using XAS. This event simply creates the illusion that the main character walks up to Garuda flying over head. It also tells the HUD script to use the parameters set by $game_temp.enemy_x()

This particular code also doubles as the end event, page 3 activates and displays the game over screen when the boss's defeated switch is turned on.

GarudaBoss Event

Garuda is not activated by the standard enemy "Self Switch D", and is instead given a custom pattern route. However, this does not mean the event can not be programmed via the standard enemy method, it simply depends on the type of boss you would like to make.

I am working diligently to rewrite the XAS Manual for and hope to create new tutorial videos for those of you interested in using the script for RPGMaker VX Ace!

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