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This shows all the buttons and keys and what they do in-game.

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How do I play?
Keyboard Controls:
Left/Right: Move character
Down: Crouch
Up: Up stance
D: Attack with weapon (Confirm in menu)
S: Jump (Go back in menu)
A: Block
Tab: Lock-on to nearest enemy, (it will create a line)
Esc: Open Camp Menu

In Camp Menu Controls:
Q: Cycle tabs left
E: Cycle tabs right
Up: Move Cursor up
Down: Move Cursor down
Left: Move Cursor left
Right: Move Cursor right
Left Ctrl: Shift character left
Right Ctrl: Shift character right

Gamepad Controls (Xbox 360 Controller):
Left Analog Stick Left/Right: Move character (Tilt slightly to walk)
Left Analog Stick Down: Crouch
Left Analog Stick Up: Up stance
B-button: Attack with weapon (Go back in menu)
A-button: Jump (Confirm in menu)
Left Bumper: Block
Y-button: Lock-on to nearest enemy, (it will create a line)
Select-button: Open/close camp menu

In Camp Menu Controls:
Left Bumper: Cycle tabs left
Right Bumper: Cycle tabs right
Pad Up: Move Cursor up
Pad Down: Move Cursor down
Pad Left: Move Cursor left
Pad Right: Move Cursor right
Left Trigger: Shift character left
Right Trigger: Shift character right

Other Controls:
F1: Reset current room (Make sure menu isn't out or there is a crash right now!)
(pst, pst, play with the other function keys for other neat stuff!)

Old Game Controls (Only Keyboard):
Left/Right: Move
Up: Jump
Down: Block
Space: Sword
C(Tap): Magic1
X(Tap): Magic2
C(Hold): Magic3
X(Hold): Magic4
Z: Item
V: Lock-On Toggle
ESC: Quit the game.

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