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FSM Modding tips here. Credits to mamenchi, precompsagnathus, megaspino, FTKchuuNINJA, EternalRockerChick, Cuttlefish and a few others with knowledge of FSM modding

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FSM Modding tips here.

There was a tutorial back on modding genesis a while back... apparently, on FSM modding, i wouldnt know since the site apparently shut down before i got into JPOG so, yeah it kind of sucks. and theres no other good places to find tutorials for this so i thought i might as well make a tutorial here

First off, what are FSMS. Fsms are files you can edit using notepad or a text editor program. They are found in the Data/Units/Win folders of your JPOG, FSMS control the majority of the dinosaurs behaviours. Some dinosaurs share FSMS, some share different FSMS, some use FSMS based on their NWT files but usually the FSMS used are determined by the TClassAUnit in the dinosaurs .INI

I found a copy of the modding genesis FSM dictionary, but i will only post here some of the more complex ones

action SetRandomTimerBetween(4, 1.0, 2.0)

The timer is 4, the amount of time to wait is between 1 and 2

on a IsTimerUp() the number placed between the brackets is the number of the timer, NOT HOW LONG YOU WAIT. thats the mistake i made before. So example would be

transition IsTimerUp(4) means is timer 4 (1-2 seconds) up

action SetAutoMovementBlend() will the walking animations and idle animations etc be played on top of by the animations from before, if true then yes, if no then the other animations for moving and idle are NOT played and it will only play the other animation, best example of this would be brachiosaurus's rearing up animation setting automovementblend to false and then true after its done, THIS DOES NOT STOP THE DINOSAUR FROM MOVING

NOTE: i will update this tutorial when i can

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