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I made this for those who don't want to download and read the whole manual. It explains the very basics of FORTS.

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F O R T S 3.1 Quick Starter Guide

1. Getting started:

Every player starts with a new useful device, the Construction Tool.
Use it to place structures at appropriate locations and to interact with friendly structures.
Select it as your active weapon by by pressing "3".
Your crosshair will change to the Interactive Cursor and new HUD-displays will show your team's Credits, Energy, Upgrades and more.

Press the "Primary Fire"-button to place a building.
Press the "Alternate Fire"-button to scroll through a list of all available structures.

2. Interacting with Structures:

Select a structure by using the Construction Tool's "Primary Fire" while aiming at the structure.
Left-click on the wrench-symbol to repair the structure.
The required amount of money increases with the damage the structure has taken.
Left-click on the trashcan-symbol to tear down the structure immediately.
A part of the purchase-costs will be transferred to your team's account.
The more damage the structure has taken, the less money you will get back.
Force Fire / Attack Enemy:
Left-click on the red crosshair-symbol to activate the manually targeting
mode of a defensive structure. The Interactive Cursor will change to a red crosshair and the "interaction" cursor appears in the crosshair-symbol-box.
Left-click on any point in the environment to order the weapon system to fire at that location.
Left-click on an enemy unit to attack it with the structure's weapons.
To exit the manually targeting mode, left-click on the "interaction" cursor or de-select
the structure.

De-select a structure by pressing "Alternate Fire".

3. Gathering Resources:

To earn money, you must mine mineral crystals which can be found on fields of different size.
Those minerals have to be collected by a harvester-unit which takes them to a nearby Harvester-Base or by a mining drone processing the precious minerals directly on site.
Those crystals contain highly volatile substances and tend to explode when under fire.
The rare mineral-fountains can be a nearly inexhaustible source of money but on the other hand they do not regenerate once they are depleted.

You can adjust the way how resources are spread over the map in the mutator-configurations-menu.

4. Building vehicles:

Build and enter the Logistics Uplink and choose the first-person view to access the reinforcement-menu. If a suitable landing field is located, the unit you ordered will be teleported in.
Alternatively you can choose a new drop-off location by aiming at the desired location and pressing "Primary Fire" while in 3rd person view.

If no appropriate landing field can be found, the Logistics Uplink will be sold immediately and its purchase-costs will be transferred to your team's account.

Anubian Alliance
The Drone Control builds and controls up to three Drones, gives access to unique Anubian vehicles and provides upgrades for them. It is also required to build more advanced Anubian structures.
Enter one of the three domes to get access to vehicle production ( by switching the "seats" when inside ). Every dome works similar to the Conglomerate Logistics Uplink.

5. Upgrades:

To research upgrades, you need time and money above all. In addition, you should always provide enough energy to your installations because the research process pauses if there is not enough energy available.
Once available, your team will profit from those upgrades until the beginning of a new round.

The Computing Center enables you to research different technologies.

All newly constructed Reactors will be equipped with an improved cooling system allowing them to permanently hold their energy-output at 150% of standard.

This upgrade enables all of your structures to automatically repair themselves after taking damage.

This upgrade enables your Lightning Towers to identify and destroy incoming hostile projectiles.

This technology is required for the construction of the powerful Weather-Control.

Anubian Alliance
The Base Hub and Drone Control enable you to research different technologies which can improve your unit's and building's performance dramatically.

Increases your mining drones' efficiency by dramatically reducing the time needed for resource processing.

By combining the Guard Tower's plasma cannon with artificial heavy-matter-replicators, the emitted plasma charges become able to pierce through reinforced armour plating without losing their explosive effect.

Auxiliary power generators and upgraded energy distribution subsystems enable Anubian structures to re-generate their protective shields even if there is not enough power provided.

This technology is required for the construction of the powerful Hand of Doom.

Repair Bays can now replace the primary plasma weapon of the Cobra craft with a more powerful long-range plasma lance.

Seeker Drones can be modified to carry large amounts of explosives that can be detonated by the Operator. After that modification, the Seeker can be used as a remotely controlled bomb.

Equipped with a new ammunition storage system, the Predator aircraft can carry twice as much hydra-rockets as before.

This concludes the FORTS 3.1 Quick Starter Guide, for more detailed information have a look at the manual.

Have fun with the Mod!
Dennis (D3nnisK) Koppenhagen

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