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By default, some features of SourceMod, a popular Source engine plugin for MetaMod: Source, will not work on servers running Lethal Stigma. Here are a few fixes.

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These days it is very rare to see a server not running SourceMod, so it is very important that it is functioning properly. By default, many Source-based modifications are not fully supported by SourceMod, but there are a few workarounds you can try to get things operating normally.

By default, all of SourceMod's voting menus will behave strangely under a server running Lethal Stigma. Menus will be initiated in a way that forces clients to press ESC to cast their vote or configure their settings, making voting and administrating rather difficult.

To fix this, ensure you have the latest version of SourceMod, then navigate to your server's addons/sourcemod/gamedata/ folder and edit the file so that the area under /* Which games support ShowMenu? */ in that file includes the following entry in the supported game list:

"game"	"lethalstigma"

While you are editing this important configuration file, you may also want to consider doing the same to /* Which games need a radio menu timeout? */and */ Which games support HudMsg? */ to ensure everything works properly, as Lethal Stigma also supports these features.

You may have noticed Lethal Stigma also lacks any real offset support, which breaks many complex SourceMod plugins. A temporary solution is to use EP2's offset list, though you may still encounter issues with some stubborn plugins.

In any case, ensure you have the latest version of SourceMod, then navigate to your server's addons/sourcemod/gamedata/ folder and edit the file engine.ep2.txt to include the following under the #supported subcategory:

"game" "lethalstigma"

Most importantly, in order for any of the changes above to save properly, you will need to disable SourceMod's automatic updating feature as it will likely overwrite all of your edits on startup and you'll have to edit those files all over again.

To fix this, navigate to your addons/sourcemod/configs folder and edit the file core.cfg so that the DisableAutoUpdate entry towards the bottom of the file looks like this:

"DisableAutoUpdate" "yes"

If you encounter an issue where gamemode voting does not appear to work in that there is a map change whenever a successful gamemode vote takes place, it's because SourceMod's nextmap plugin is not compatible with Lethal Stigma by default. Fortunately, the development team has made a patch for this file. Click here to download the plugin or click here to download the source (changes commented with "FIX for Lethal Stigma"). You may have to right-click the links above and choose "Save Target As..." to actually download the files instead of simply viewing them in your browser.

Finally, once you believe everything is in order and good to go, restart your server; you're done.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section of this tutorial and a member of the development team will get back to you as soon as possible. I hope this tutorial was helpful. Thanks for choosing Lethal Stigma!

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