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Making ure first basic Counter-Strike:Source map with spawn points and a buyzone

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First of all open source SDK it look's like this. once that's done make sure that ure setting's are rite because we are going to make this map for counter strike source. see down the bottom of source SDK it say's engine version-half-life 2:episode one and current game-counter strke: source make sure there on those setting's once thats done click hammer editor. some time's when you first open it it will have a page for configuration now i don't no how to fix that but when restarting ure computer it fixes it for you. then open hammer editor

Once you have opened up hammer editor click this button then draw a block on the grid in the top right corner it should be fairly small just enough for a few player's.
build_button.JPG-block tool hold [shift b] for short key
after you have made you square in the top right corner you will see that there are now two other rectangles in the other boxes enlarge those so that they are the same shape as the first square now press enter and they will turn red that is not a bad thing now click camera tool
camera_button.JPG-camera tool hold [shift c] for short key
then click and hold in the middle of the the square and drag across to any corner of the square this will make the box in the top left corner show a cube
then zoom out in the top left grid to see that it has been textured now the texture that it will be i dont no it is set at random. but now press crtl-h and a box will come up it will have in it the number 32 change this to -12 to make the box have an inside press enter then zoom back into the box it now has a room.
entity_tool.JPG-entity tool hold [shift e] for short key
now click the entity tool now you will see a box come up on the far right click the one called objects and write in it light then click in the middle of the 3d room with the entity tool so that the light appears in it now double click the light with the selection tool it's the one which is just an arrow and click brightness now change the last diggets in brightness to 800 to make it a very bright room now exit out of brightness and write in the objects box info so that it goes to the info section now click the drop down button on objects to make a selection of lots of tools come up find the one that says counter terrorist and click it place three counter terrorist in the box.
now find the terrorist and place another three terrorist's in the box.

Now we are going to do somthing tricky make another box over the counter terrorist and make it reach the roof but not thouch the side that the terrorist are on now where going to change the texture click browse under current texture then write in filter trigger it will come up with two different texture's click the second one and press enter now click control t so that a box comes up look at were it say's class and click it change it to func_buyzone.
click team number now change it from zero to counter terrorist's click apply and exit out of it.
highlight the box then copy it and paste it on the other side of the room where the terrorist's are double click the box and do the same before but change it from counter terrorist to terrorist apply then exit it.

Now ure map is done save it call it cs_first_map then save now click run map or F9 either way it's under the file menu now when in the run map menu make sure everything is at normal click the box don't run map after compiling or you may have problems now click compile a box will show up whit all these numbers and letters let them do that until it say's paste to clipboard then exit it and run css create a server and you will find the map that you just made called cs_first_map open it and play it at first it will probably go sampling walkable space let it do that and then it should reload the map that's fine and now ure done and can play it with a buyzone enjoy.

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