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This tutorial explains how to install Fighter Squadron and the many WW2 add-ons the community has made in the correct order.

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SDOE WWII Install order:

Please Note: These instructions work best with a fresh install from your original Fighter Squadron: SDOE Game Disk.

1. Install Fighter Squadron from you original Game Disk.

2. Run the game once before proceeding to step 3*.
(If you get a "No CD" or "Please Insert Disk" Error when trying to run the game once,
install the v1.0 Patch to correct the issue and run the game once.)

3. Install Unofficial Patch v1.6.0.6* (or higher)
(This will install the shortcuts you will want to use to play the sim.
This will need to be installed in it's own folder and NOT to the Fighter Squadron Root Folder.)

4. Install Nations v3.5* (or higher)
(Required Core Files - Adds more Nationalities to the sim.)

5. Install SGU v4.0* (or higher)
(Required Core Files - Adds more Ground Units to the sim.)

6. Install SDOE Terrain Mod v1.4* (or higher)
(Required Core Files - Corrects terrain issues in the sim.)

7. Install the latest Base Pack*, and the Base Pack Update v3.1 at ModDB*
(Required Core Aircraft Files - Required for Basic Online Play)

8. Install Ground Pack 3* (or higher) and the Ground Pack 3 Patch v1.1* (or higher)
(Required Core Files - Adds playable Ground Units to the sim.)

9. Install the latest Expansion Plane Packs and Legacy Plane Packs (including LDOR)**
(Optional Files - Required for Expanded Online Play,
Recommended for Single Player missions - Adds large number of Aircraft to the sim.)

Last Days of the Reich

Last Days Of the Reich Legacy PlanePack v1.0

Allied Legacy PlanePack v3.0

Axis Legacy PlanePack v3.0

British Expansion PlanePack v2.0

British and Commonwealth Legacy PlanePack v4.0

Finnish Expansion PlanePack v2.0

French Expansion PlanePack v2.0

German Expansion PlanePack v2.0

Italian Expansion PlanePack v2.0

Japanese Expansion PlanePack v2.0

Other Nations Expansion PlanePack v2.0

US Expansion PlanePack v2.0

USSR Expansion PlanePack v2.0

PP61 Legacy PlanePack v3.0

10. Install Terrains*
(Required Files - Additional Terrains for the sim.)

3 in 1 Russia Terrain v1.1

Albert Beta


Berlin Terrain v1.0


Dover Repaint

Full Somme Repaint

Iwo Jima v2

Mediterranean v1.0


Pacific Terrain

Rhineland Sunshine

Rhineland Winter Terrain


Snowy Somme

Snowy Dover

Tobruk Terrain

Wake Patched

11. Install optional Mission Sets***
(Optional Files - Adds more Single Player campaigns and missions to the sim.)

Action Pack v1

Africa Campaign by Jeeves

Bombing The Reich v2.1

Base Pack B-17 Campaign

Heroes of France v2

hip63's A Warm Cold War


Sweet La Rhonda v1.7

Zerstorer-Pilot Campaign

12. Install optional Skin Packs*** (Recommended)
(Optional Files - Adds easily Switchable Skin Packs to the sim.)

Desert Skin Pack

Med Skin Pack v1.0

Invasion Skin Pack v1.0

Interim Pacific Skin Pack v1.2

13. Install optional Sound Packs***
(Optional Files - Adds improved Aircraft Sounds for many of the Aircraft in the sim.)

Sound and Effects Pack v2.0

14. Install the latest version of the Updated Property Files*
(Required Core Files, SDOE Game Engine Files updated for features required by various add-ons and terrains.
As new add-ons for Fighter Squadron are released, these files will occasionally need updating)

15. Play Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons Over Europe!
(and over the Med, Russia, Tobruk, the Pacific, ect. ect. ect.)


* - Required for Basic Online Standard, Required Core Files
** - Required for the Expanded Online Standard, Recommended for Single Player
*** - Not A Requirement, Player's Preference, Recommended for Single Player

Settings and Tweaks:

Some of the listed Add-Ons require activation in-game under the Options>Openplane Menu

Windows XP Users will need to set 'Windows 98 Compatibility Mode' by right clicking the SDOE Icon and clicking 'Properties' and the 'Compatibility' Tab

The Unofficial Patch v1.6.0.6 Patch (or higher) contains a utililty called "FSSDOEJoystick.exe" which can be useful in setting up your Joystick for the sim.

The SDemons.ini File, located in your Unofficial Patch v1.6.0.6 (or Higher) Folder, can be opened with Notepad to tweaked for the best performance for your machine.

ArgonV has put together a document which will help you tweak SDOE for your system. You can find it here: Getting the Best

SDOE References:

A reference for the "Stock" and attitional Key Commands can be downloaded HERE

A reference for the crew posistions in various aircraft can be downloaded HERE

You can also edit your keyboard.inp, located in the Unofficial Patch v1.6.0.6 folder, with Notepad to suit your own personal preferences.

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