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FAQ about the Field Artillery at Europe in Flames 1618

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Hello EIF followers

I know most of you knows the Totks/L'Aigle Arty system, but i want to explain to people who doesn't play that amazing mods how Field Artillery works at EIF.

First of all, i'm not a skilled modder and it took me a little bit the implementing of that feature, but it's 99% functional in EIF battlefields.

-Which types of Field Arty can i hire at EIF?
There are 3 types: 3lb, 6 lb, 12 lb cannons. Their damage power and area grows with the caliber.

-How many cannons can i recruit?
A maximum of 2 cannon crew. I recommend you to hire 1 or 2 crews of the same type for proper functionallity.

-Where can i hire them?
Cannon foundry at every town.

-Why can't i see them at my party list?
Be quiet, their are with you. And if the crew dies, the cannons will be served with another crew next battle.

-Cannons do friendly fire?
Yes, like IRL

-How can i command them?
Unfortunately, in EIF you can't. They will fight for you on their own ..

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