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Ammo and Sub-Ammo is baked on the system of this mod, as it is built with it in mind as why I strived to use a multiplicative damage scaling. It is the bread-and-butter of a few heavy weapons that have barely any attachments within them.

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Ammo and Sub-Ammo is baked on the system of this mod, as it is built with it in mind as why I strived to use a multiplicative damage scaling. It is the bread-and-butter of a few heavy weapons that have barely any attachments within them. Ammo-Switchers work at the currently-equipped weapon, and YOU ONLY NEED ONE AS IT IS UNIVERSAL. It is located at the Utilities at either the Cooking, Chemistry, or at the Ammo Workbench if you have AWKCR.

> Ball Rounds - Basic ammunition, these are the typical full-metal jacketed bullets.
> Overpressure Rounds - Powerful handloads with increased damage and limb-damage but also with increased recoil.
> Subsonic Rounds - Low-velocity rifle rounds with reduced range, but increased damage and sneak-attack damage.
> Trick-Shot Rounds - Bullets that bounces off surfaces and between targets, with increased sneak-attack damage.
> Dirty Rounds - Cheap poor-grade handloaded munition. They have reduced damage, range, and accuracy, but is incredibly lighter, cheaper to buy, easier to craft, and widely available.
> Match Rounds - Known as "MGR" or "Match", it is a specialized ammunition used for sniping on account of consistency, with increased range and critical damage. It is however prohibitively expensive, that is typically used for trading by common folk, and only fired by select mercenaries or assassins on special occasions.

> Armor-Piercing Rounds - Steel-Core bullets that trades damage for extra punch through armor, others use a sub-caliber penetrator. Deals extra damage against hard-targets; Mirelurks, Power-Armor, and Robots.
> Armor-Piercing Incendiary Rounds - Multi-purpose Anti-Materiel ammunition used to defeat armor and cover, while setting targets ablaze.
> Incendiary-Tracers - Bullets with incendiary composition that lights up mid-flight. Deals extra damage to non mechanical targets.
> Frag Rounds - Special slug of big-bore rounds dealing splash damage.
> Radium Rounds - Radium-tipped bullets that deal extra radiation damage.
> Plasma Rounds - Plasma-Infused bullets that deal additional energy damage, but flies slower.

> Armor-Piercing Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun rounds that defeat armor. Deals extra damage to big game; such as but not limited to Yao-Guai, Deathclaws, Mirelurk-Queens, Super-Mutant and Behemoths.
> Dragon's Breath - Incendiary Shotgun Shells that shoots out a cloud of fire. Powerful but has limited range.
> Explosive Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun Rounds that explodes on impact.
> Nuclear Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun Rounds that are direct upgrade to Explosive Slugs
> Timed Explosive Slugs - A Single-Projectile Time-Delayed Explosive Slug that explodes after an amount if time. It can bounce at walls.
> Pulse Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun Rounds that deal energy-damage, slows and impairs targeting, and deals extra damage to mechanical units.
> Caps Shot - Bottlecaps loaded in a shotgun shell. Primarily used for trading, but can be shot if needed.

> Cannonballs - Retrievable rounds fired from the Broadsider
> Explosive Cannonballs - Used by Broadsider, deals splash damage.
> Grapeshot - Alternative to Cannonballs, shoots a cloud of ball-bearings. Retrievable but requires assembly.

> Railway Spikes - Basic heavy railway spikes that deals heavy damage.
> Railway Rivets - Shorter and Lighter alternative to Railway Spikes that will deal less damage, but has more capacity and faster rate of fire.
> 15mm Bearing - Low-Cost Low-Damage economical alternative for use with Railway Rifles or with Gauss Rifles, or can be retrieved from Grapeshots.
> Nail Cluster - Single-Shot cluster of 24 9-Inch Nails, dealing heavy damage.
> Trap Rivets - A variant of Rivets with a built-in sensor and a barrel and chamber along the shaft, loaded with 44-Magnum. If tripped, it fires the 44-Magnum, dealing heavy damage.

> Harpoon - Standard harpoon rounds.
> Barbed Harpoon - Deals extra bleed damage, non-retrievable.
> Flechette - Non-Retrievable, but deals extra damage and ignores some armor.
> Thunderpoon - Explodes on impact, and leaves a standard Harpoon on impact site.
> Shock Harpoon Non-Retrievable, deals heavy energy damage, perception-reduction and slow to robots over a long period of time.

> Standard Core / Cell / Cartridge - Basic Plasma/Laser weapon ammunition
> Overcharged Core / Cell / Cartridge - Deals extra damage, at the cost of smaller ammo capacity.
> Optimized Core / Cell / Cartridge - Faster fire-rate, larger ammo capacity, less AP cost, higher critical damage and charge rate, increased VATs hit-chance.
> Microwave Core / Cell / Cartridge - Reduced damage, Increased damage to and slows and impairs mechanical targets. Organic targets receive extra damage on consecutive hits, and explode on death that staggers.
> Rechargeable Cell - Reduced damage and fire-rate, ammunition is refunded and is unlimited ammo.
> Quantum Core - Reduced damage, unlimited ammo. Craftable only after Nuka-Nuke is unlocked.
> Gamma Cartridge / Ionized Core / Cell - Deals extra radiation damage.

> Napalm Fuel - Basic Flamer fuel.
> Concentrated Fuel - Extra Damage, afterburn lasts longer
> Homebrew Fuel - Reduced Damage, lighter, cheaper, easily crafted ammo.
> Irradiated Fuel - Dirty mix of flammable materials that deals extra Radiation Damage.
> Electro Gel - Slows and impairs targeting, and deals extra damage to mechanical units.

> High-Explosive Missile - Standard Missile
> Anti-Tank Missile - Increased target damage, but reduced splash damage. Splash Damage ignores cover.
> Cryo Missile - Deals Energy-Damage and inflicts Slow
> Hallucigen Missile - Deals Frenzy debuff
> Napalm Missile - Deals energy damage and Damage Over Time. Deals extra damage to non mechanical targets.
> Pulse Missile - Deals Energy Damage. Deals Extra damage, Stun and Slow to mechanical targets.
> Plasma Missile - Deals Energy and Physical Damage
> Micro-Nuke / Nuka-Nuke Missile - Deals a LOT of damage and Radiation damage.

> Mini-Nuke - Standard Fatman shells, that deals heavy damage upon a massive area.
> Nuka-Nuke - Mini-Nukes infused with Nuka-Cola Quantum for more devastating effect.
> Low-Yield Nuke - Easily reproducible and lighter Fatman shells, at the cost of reduced damage and AOE.
> Bunker-Buster Nuke - Powerful and dangerous Fatman shell, though with reduced AOE, it deals more damage and goes through cover.
> Davy-Crockett / Nuka-Rocket - Long-Range modification of Fatman shells through the use of rocket-motor. Can home into targets.
> Castle-Bravo - A dangerous missile loaded with WD54 warhead with an incredibly large area of effect, and deals ludicrous damage. Found in Fort Strong, unlockable after Liberty Primed.

> MIRV - Micro-Nukes fired either individually or in a Cluster. These magazines can be retrofitted with hand grenades: Baseball, Frag, MIRV Frag, Smart-Frag, Cryo, Pulse, Plasma, Nuka, Nuka-Cherry, Nuka-Quantum, Hallucigen and Synth-Relay -- yes, you can summon 6 Synths at once.

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