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Is there a Discord to find other players for multiplayer?
Is looting items bugged, like hovering over item? If I alt click it works, but hovering no longer does.

That's /nopickup mode. If you want to turn it off just type /nopickup in chat

Is there a quick transfer between inventory and stash?

Yes! Hold ctrl and click on items.

Too easy. How to make monsters more powerful?

Use a command /players X, where X - of from 1 to 127.
Higher the number - stronger monsters. Default is 1
How to get jewels?

Read README! Recipe of jewels is the first one of all recipes.
Disenchant of unique, set, warped, timeless item - Any Perfect Gem + item + White Potion = JEWELS

How do I get to Catacombs Level 4?

Entrance to Catacombs Level 4 is now in Cold Plains (replaces the cave)
How do I get to Claw Viper Level 2?

Entrance to Claw Viper Level 2 is now the southern sewer exit in town (replaces north Sewers level 1)
How do I get to Maggot Lair Level 3?

Entrance to Maggot Lair Level 3 is now the northern sewer exit in town (replaces south Sewers level 1)
How do I get to Sewers level in act 2?

It's been placed after Maggot Lair Level 2 and after Claw Viper Temple level 1
How do I get to Durance of Hate Level 3?

Entrance to Durance of Hate Level 3 is now in the Spider Forest, next to the waypoint.
How do I get to Throne of Destruction?

Entrance to Throne of Destruction is now in the Glacial Trail.
How do I get to Secret Cow Level?

Kill Baal once on this difficulty, go to Tristram, find Wirt's leg, go to the Rogues Camp, transmute Wirt's Leg with a key in cube
Why Dark Diablos and uber bosses have full immunities?

Go there on HELL difficulty.
Why multiplayer version have no multipage stash?

Because plugy corrupts your save files if you playing with infinite stash not in single player mode. I'm sure you don't want to lose your 125 level hero
Why all robes and cloaks in gamble have [Druid Only] description?

Because that robes and cloaks was class specific items and part of this was hardcoded in game. After buying robe or cloak [Druid Only] requirement is automatically deleted

Why mercs disappear while casting?

Sometimes game processes updated mercs wrong. But it's only visual bug. Rehire merc on current difficulty or higher.

Why don't drop white boots/belt/gloves?
I can't make runeword of that.

Use a recipe:
Any equip (magic or higher) + id scroll -> Normal equip

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