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A list of frequently asked questions that I'll try to answer as best I can.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A: Because fun dammit!

Is this mod compatible with other mods?

If the mod is a full race mod that doesn't change the other races, then it should be compatible but I can't guarantee it. Also the AI might not work correctly.

If the mod does change the other races then it most likely won't be compatible. So combine mods at your own risk.

Does the campaign work? Why does the XXX stronghold crash?

Yes, the campaign should work. However you may experience some problems due to some kind of problem with Soulstorm's memory management which can cause problems (read crashes) with large battles, e.g. on stronghold maps.

If this causes problems you can try turning down the graphics settings to make the game run smoother.

Why don't in game cinematics work?

You'll either need to copy the movies folder from the Soulstorm/Engine/ folder to the Soulstorm/CornCobMod/ folder, or create what's call a symbolic link (Google it) to save space.

Can I change the campaign colour scheme? I don't like the green Space Marines.

Well if you dislike fun I have provided an optional download to restore the Blood Ravens colour scheme for the campaign. I might do the same for the rest if enough people ask.

You can also do it yourself if you don't mind the laborious task of extracting all the texture files and replacing them all individually. Have fun you masochist.

Can you restore Stubbs voice?

I don't know why you would prefer his boring voice over Sturnn's awesome voice but same as above.

Will you add models from Dawn of War 2?


Will you make the mod compatible with XXX race?

Yes. No. Maybe. What was the question?

Can you add XXX model?

Maybe. I'll think about it.

Why does it feel like it was balanced by a monkey with a muscular disorder?

While balance isn't the main objective of this mod, I try to keep it balanced but if there are glaring issues you can try posting here or at the Relicnews forums and I'll see if I can improve it.

Can I use the models and effects and stuff from this mod in my own mod?
While the majority of stuff is from the Firestorm over Kronus / Kaurava mod which is free for anyone to use (apart from a few small exceptions) there are also some models that have been added that I have special permission so please check with me first.

Can I upload the mod to Download Site X?


Will this mod have sub clans and individual units for factions, e.g. Space Wolves specific units, etc.?

Most likely no.

Why does the game crash when I beat a stronghold mission?

I believe this is pretty common with mods, when it tries load the in game cinematics. The stronghold missions are particularly intensive as well, due to their complexity and the new added stuff. The game also isn't particularly stable either.

You could try running the game using the -nomovies command, or copy / create a symbolic link to the Movies folder from engine/movies to corncobmod/movies. You can also try using the DoW Mod Manager and tick the LAA option.

You can also try making your CPU high affinity by running the following command using a shortcut:

%windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c start "soulstorm.exe" /high /affinity 6 "[path to soulstorm.exe]" -nomovies -modname corncobmod

Why does the game crash in the middle a stronghold mission?

This may be related to the above where there is just too much stuff going on and the game just can't handle it any more or it could actually be a problem caused by mistakes in the script changes I made. If you can say exactly when or what happened to cause the crash, it would be very helpful. Other than that, save often just in case.

Why does the game crash in the middle of a skirmish?

This would be more likely to be an error in the AI code where it tries to use something that doesn't exist or more rarely an error in the game code files themselves. If you can say exactly when or what happened to cause the crash, it would be very helpful. Other than that, pray I didn't maek bug.


When a model turns into a Box that says "Bad Model Check the log" whats that supposed to mean and how do I fix it?

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corncobman Author

That just means I most likely screwed something up myself and need to fix it.

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