Frequently Asked Questions for Hardqore 2

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Frequently Asked Questions for HQ2

Q: What version of Doom 3 I need to play HardQore 2?
A: You have to patch Doom 3 to 1.3.1 & Dhewm 3.

Q: Does it require Resurection of Evil to work?
A: No, only vanilla Doom 3 is required.

Q:Is it compatible only with Windows?
A: No, the mod is compatible with Windows 7-10, Windows 2000, Xp, Vista, Linux, Mac and Steam (Max OSX 10.5.x).

Q: Does it require high system requirements?
A: If you can run Doom 3, you will have no problems with HardQore 2.

Q: Can I add others mods in HardQore 2?
A: You can if those mods don't interfer with the mod, make sure to browse on the pk4s before installing anything on it.

Q: Can I use some assets from HardQore 2 for my own project?
A: You can, but remember to ask permission to the respective authors.

Q: I have a problem, the view ingame is upside don, how can I solve this?
A: This happen if you have an ATI video card. Make sure to update your Catalyst, but if the still persist, turn off Bloom on the options menu.

Q: I want to distribute this mod on my website, can I?
A: Yes as long the package remain intact with all the provided documentation.

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