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Some of you have experienced this dreaded bug. It can hit at any level, but the result is always the same: you can't continue your game due to the fact that it freezes every time you select the perk and press "Done". Read below for more info.

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First, I have to correct myself, this is hardly a fix. Really, it's a work-around at best. So far, with some tests and net browsing, I've gathered a few interesting bits of info:

1) This bug hits several large mods, such as FOOK and Reborn.

2) It can sometimes be worked around by disabling the mod temporarily, although it didn't work for me.

3) I believe it's caused by a save-game corruption due to activating mods on an old game.

Now, you no doubt want to know what to do about it. The best solution is to start a new game with ALL the mods running that you want. Do NOT change any mods or you increase the risk of experiencing the issue. I did that and it seems to fix the problem (I cheated to level 20).

However, if you're really attached to your game, I will be uploading a mod patch called "No Level Up", which makes the max level 2, essentially preventing the level up process from happening and screwing up your game. You can then use cheats to upgrade your skills (if you wish). The cheat to use is "player.modav ". I am using this system until the major Reborn V8.5 update comes out, as I don't know if the DLC mods could cause issues. Once my mod list is "settled", then I will simply start a new game.

I hope this clears up some confusion, sorry about this, but I'm certain it's not Reborn's fault, it's just shitty save game programming. Good luck,


sbseed - - 499 comments

this is news to me.... course i dont look at all the damn sites we have reborn listed on, lol.

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 - - 2,141 comments

It only happens on some saves. But I've been tearing my hair out over it, only to find out it's a Fallout 3 problem, not a Reborn issue.

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Dr_Tomorrow - - 207 comments

all I did, I disabled the Reborn, leveled up to max and turned mod back on without need of leveling up any further

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Weak1ings - - 35 comments

I'll be adjusting my stats to 100 since I won't be able to work on them any more, thanks for the mod, I cannot express how much I needed this!

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