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Tutorial about overcoming issues while exporting player models for Max Payne 1 from latest version of MilkShape 3D.

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In latest versions of Milkshape3D while exporting KFS skins for Max Payne 1 a big problem occurs - the SKD file is always of 1KB size and the game crashes whe you are trying to test a model.

There is however a workaround (thanks to guys from forums):

While exporting KFS skins for Max Payne 1 you have to do next steps in export dialog:

- Click "KF2 (Weapons/Projectiles/Skyboxes)"
- Check "Max Payne 2"
- Uncheck "Max Payne 2"
- Click "KFS/SKD (player models/skins)"


Only by doing those steps the skin for Max Payne 1 will export correctly.

There will be two files "your_skin_name.kfs" and "your_skin_name.kfs.skd".
Rename the last file to just "your_skin_name.skd", without ".kfs" in it's name, and you are ready to go.

Enjoy and keep a legacy of a legendary game alive.


Where is the default models

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You have to extract the .ras files

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