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Hi. GODS multiplayer demo has been released. I'll show you how to expand your territory and break enemy areas.

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GODS Multiplayer Demo has been Released.

Gods -Multiplayer Demo-  v0.13

*Battle started, press "H" and show "Hot keys".*

Expanding territory

  1. Raise your tribe flags.

    When the game started, you can raise your tribe flags three places of front of your god throne.
    In RTS mode : Select GOD (press "G" or click button on the meter)
    - move your mouse to the area you want to expand
    - the mouse cursor will be change flag. right click on it.
    - God move there to raise flag. (Cost 100 Piety)

  2. Build buildings.

    The flag raised, you can open build window by clicking flag cloth. please select buildings you want.
    After that, select your minions and order to build build buildings.

  3. You can raise flags in areas adjacent to your building.

    After you completed the buildings, your area will be spread. The flags must be next to your areas.

Nullification of the enemy areas.

  1. Break all enemy buildings in the area.

    Break enemy buildings with your minions or god. The ruins of the building is left for several minutes and prevent the construction of the new building.

  2. Move your minions to enemy flag.

    Minions can subtract enemy area faith. move your minions to enemy flag area.

  3. The enemy flag will be destroyed.

    After that, the area belongs nowhere.

If you have any questions, please ask me.

Have fun!

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