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Many users of Prospekt Source do not know how to use new Event System what i made for it, so i decided to post a basic tutorial what will (i hope) explain everything.

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So first here is screenshot of finished event (what we will make below) with basic Event Processing explanation

Image above is explaining almost everything in this tutorial and almost everything for event system. If you do not know, how Event System works, look at above picture, download it or just stare at this tutorial :P

Ok now we can start.

First we will add conditional branch.
Click (ADD) in Event Editor

Now add Conditional Branch

Now add Exit Event after Conditional Branch

Now add another commands to finish this basic event. I choosed these:

Now lets start making Conditional Branch
First we must look at what numbers are our Positive and Negative events what we will use in Branch:

Now we will EDIT Conditional Branch what we made at start

And now we will just save event and we are finished with our first Conditional Branch Event

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