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Let's do a texture pack with me and this tutorial!

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Do you REALLY want to make a texture pack? Yes? Ok... So... Let's start now!!!

I What you need

Before we start, here is a list of what you need:
-WinRar / 7Zip
-An image editor program (i recomand GIMP)

Get the files to edit

Ok. Here it starts. Go in START (here, i'm using vista :) ) then Run (can't screen: i have french ver' :D ). Write "
p;pdata%". Then click on "OK". Do you see a ".minecraft" folder? Get in! Then, get in bin. Copy the "minecraft.jar" file and past it somewere (in a folder on your desktop for exemple :) ) and extract it with WinRar / 7Zip in the folder of the file. Then, delete every .class files,
folder paulscode, net, lang, com and font (if you have the "META-INF" folder, delete it too i don't have it because i have moded my game). Now, you have 10 folders.

Mod the terrain

Open the "terrain" file with your image editor. Now, feel free to mod your teerrain! For exemple: mod the sand to make it be blue. Use your imagination!

Mod the character

Get in the "mob" folder. Open the "char" file with SkinEdit. If you don't have the preview, be sure you don't have the "skintest2.jar". If you have it, delete it. Then, type this adress when it ask to download the previewer file: . Now, press "OK" button. When the download is finished and the programm loaded, feel free to your imagination to make your skin!!!

Mod the gui

Get in the "gui" folder. Here is placed the textures of the items (and 3D to), the tool bar down the screen and the menu BG (background). Open the file you want to edit with your image editor.

Mod the title/mojang logo

Get in the "title" folder and open the file you want like the Mojang logo with your image editor.


It's finally the final step!!! Select everything in your folder (of minecraft.jar) excepted the "minecraft.jar" file and archive everything. Name the archive by what you want. Get at your AppData folder (AppData > Roaming (don't forget! start > run >
p;pdata%!) ). Go in ".minecraft" folder then in "texturepack" (if don't have, create it) and drop the texture file (you've created with that tutorial :P ) in. Get in the game and go in "Mod and texture packs" (in-game :) ). Load your pack! Have fun now!!!

P.S.: There is an error for the related game! It's "Minecraft" and not "Minecraft Platformer"!

LinePro Author

It's not finished :)

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LinePro Author

More images later.

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This is for real mine craft ? Y it here ?

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