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This article takes you through the known bugs in this mod. There aren't many, but still they seem to pop up here and there.

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Listed here are some known bugs for this mod, Emma's Nightmare (NOTE this article may contain spoilers):

1. Sometimes the screen does not revert to normal after turning LEFT out the first door in level 1. If this happens, just reload the level. Should fix it. (rare bug).

2. In the Inner Sanctum level, if you are using an old version of Emma's Nightmare (Version 2.5 or lower), if the Suitor kills you, a door will spawn, blocking your progress. If this happens, simply download the newest version of the mod and replace the 2 map files for the sanctum level and you should be fine.

3. In the Forest level, after retrieving the chemical from cabin 1, a grunt spawns in the woods. If killed the message says "Must Escape Quickly", but it should really say "No Shame In Hiding..."

4. If you die in the final boss battle, sometimes extra orbs spawn. Just ignore this. You only need one of each type of orb to beat the game. Don't forget to shut down the radiation machine!! You will die if you don't.

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