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Some observations of playing on earlier starts. There are several bookmarks.

Posted by on - Basic QA/Testing

The first thing you will notice is the map is different. All the bookmarks you can select have options but they are not intended to be played. Don't let that stop you though. There are a couple of really fun starts in those earlier bookmarks. The Last bookmark is what you want for the full expierence. The stat date for the Time of change is 1524 but you can actually go back to the year 1400. There are black spots on the map that you can not select. They will be automaticly filled in when the game starts. Here are some fun starts that you might consider.

769: The world is very bare. There are only a couple of options to choose from adn all other toons will be autogenerated. That means that they will all only hold counties. This leads to a huge amount of little wars every where on the map.

-Possible choices-
Duke Tal-Qazar of Spiderfell - Best for that Noobie Island feel of Ireland
God King Maesus before he becomes a Serpent - A sleeping giant far away from eaveryone else. Real snow baller
Emperor Galien of the Anuirean Empire - The biggest Empire available at the start. But its spread out.
Prince Raesene before he becomes a gorgon- Not as fun as the 1542.
Goblin Duke Talesk the Red Thurazor - This is intresting because you start off with a group of goblins recently just claimed independence right in the middle of your empire.

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