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This tutorial is a step by step picture guide on how to install Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.0 + Newer

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This is a step by step guide of how to install Doom Reborn Pre-Beta 1.0 and newer

The version i'm using in the images is Pre-Beta Version 1.2

Note Pre-Beta Version 1.1 uses the old modified WinRAR self extraction installer
You may want to refer to the setup guide for Alpha Version 0.81-0.841
But both guides should still help you ether way


Doom Reborn Requires The Original Doom 3 To Play and is NOT Compatible with BFG Edition
Doom 3 also needs to be patched to 1.3.1 for full compatibility
Doom Reborn will launch on Doom 3 1.2 and 1.3
Health Vials and Armour shards can freak out and randomly not work if using 1.2

Doom Reborn is gradually moving towards a complete standalone game which means in future
you'll no longer require Doom 3 to play
But for the time being You Require Doom 3 Version 1.3.1 To Play

Step 1: Start

This is the opening window of the installer,
Simply click "Next" to continue

Step 2: Important Message

This window contains an important message which simply states,
That you need to select your Doom 3 folder
and that the game can't be installed where ever you want yet

Step 3: Finding your Doom 3 folder

Refer to the next 2 images

Image 1 of "Step 3"
You can type the address if you know it or click browse to find it

Image 2 of "Step 3"
click the triangle on the left of the folders to expand them
So click computer,
Then click the drive you have Doom 3 installed on
Then click the folder Doom 3 is in
and finely click the Doom 3 folder to select it and click ok
And then click install after the browse window closes

Step 4: Extra choices (Desktop Shortcut)

Simply untick the check box if you don't want a Desktop Shortcut by clicking on the "tick" symbol

Step 5: Installing

You don't need to do anything from here except wait :)
(This doesn't take very long at all)

Step 6: Finished

From here you have 3 options,
1. You can Launch the game
2. View Read Me
3. Visit our site

Tick or Untick which ever you like and then click finish


If you aren't using a desktop shortcut, You need to remember to load the game using the "DoomReborn.exe" that you'll find in your Doom 3 folder next to the Doom3.exe
Doom Reborn has code related fixes to the menu and the hud in game etc that require the "DoomReborn.exe" to work.

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