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General tutorial for medals, trophies, zeniths, and stars.

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You start the game a blue ninja with no instructions and just a floating instruction in the title; "Don't Move".

Start by breaking the rules and moving. Very quickly blowing up and getting instructions as well as attempts listed.

Unlock 1: 5 attempts -
Move to the left or right until destroyed 4 more times. Unlocks distance

Unlock 2: 500 distance -
Move until distance counter is 500. Unlocks timer

Unlock 3: 775 seconds -
Simply wait for the timer to reach 775. Unlocks medals

Unlock 4: 15 medals -
Build up any category (attempts, distance, or time) until 15 medals are accumulated. Unlocks levels
Unlock 5: 10 levels -
Build up any category until enough exp is eared to be level 10. Unlocks coins

Unlock 6: 255 coins -

Collect 255 coins. Unlocks trophies
Unlock 7: 4 trophies -
Get any 4 trophies. Unlocks zeniths

1. Push and hold left until trophy is unlocked.
2. Move left until destroyed and move right until destroyed equally. (Left explode, right explode, left explode, etc...)
3. Push and hold right until trophy is unlocked.
4. Do not move until trophy is unlocked.
5. Stand in front of a flame and do not move until trophy is unlocked. (Completely block the flame or it won't work)
6. Push and hold left AND right at the same time until trophy is unlocked.
7. Unlocks by collecting coins. (This will typically be the first trophy achieved)
8. Unlocks by collecting all other trophies.

Unlock 8-15: 1-7 zenith -
A zenith is when a category such as attempts is completely maxed out. The fastest to achieve is trophies since we know how to obtain all trophies. Next zenith

Once we have maxed out trophies and distance the game begins to alter itself to help make the other zeniths easier. For example once distance is done we can barely move increasing the rate that attempts grows. Once attempts is maxed our experience gain is significantly higher. Once experience is maxed coins become worth much more.

Typical zenith unlock order (due to ease):
1. Trophies - 8
2. Distance - 32,767
3. Attempts - 2,047
4. Levels - 63
5. Coins - 1,048,575
6. Medals - 31
7. Time - 4095

Unlock 16: ???
All zeniths have been unlocked and now we can move freely around the screen though still exploding on occasion. When the ninja moves past the black edge appearing on the other side a letter shows up to indicate the direction scrolled. To get past this unlock the ninja must move left and right in a specific order. By going off the screen in this order we complete this unlock. Unlocks "The End?"
Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right

Unlock 17: The End?
The screen now scrolls with the ninja and we can see two glass walls as well as stair cases. On the right glass wall there is a crack meaning the wall is potentially weak.

Before we end though lets get a star!
STAR: By going to the left glass wall we can make a QR code to appear. Hold your finger in
the black area below the stairs. It may take a while but eventually a QR code will show
up. It is a plain text QR which reads
We then tap the screen as instructed and if done correctly a star will appear between
"The End?" and Coins.

Now we can break the right glass wall. Hold right and wait until the ninja explodes which causes the broken glass to explode as well. You are now free to travel down the stairs.

Note that once all the way to the last step the game will fade out, and say "GAME OVER".


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