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Setting up a Dedicated Server Instructions Below:

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Tutorial By Bobzilla-CODUtilty Staff - For more information visit:

1. On your windows dedicated game server, create 2 folders: usermaps
and mods (you can use an ftp program (like filezilla) to access your
server ftp area. Do not make these folders inside your main folder, but
at the same level. Inside the mods folder, make another folder called

2. Set access 757 or 777 depending on your host for
access to read/write from this folder(s). Most game server providers
already have this set. You might have to set this on your redirect also.

3. Copy the the files z_namwaw.iwd, mod.ff, the configs folder and the server.cfg file into the ownamwaw folder.

4. Copy the map folders for each map into your usermaps folder that you created in step 1.

5. Create a redirect space and folder on some web space. An example:
in this cod5maps folder 2 additional folders.. mods and usermaps.
Create an additional folder inside the mods folder called ownamwaw.
the map folders into the usermaps folder. Copy the files z_namwaw.iwd,
mod.ff, into the ownamwaw folder. (Do not copy the configs folder nor
the server.cfg files to the redirect space.)

6. Configure your server.cfg with your particular info and save as server.cfg on your server/mods/ownamwaw folder.
Add/change the redirect info in this server.cfg file i.e.:

// HTTP Redirect/Downloads (0=off/1=on) Used for MODs and custom maps
set sv_allowdownload "1"
seta sv_wwwDownload "1"
seta sv_wwwBaseURL ""
seta sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0"

7. On you server, set your map rotation (mods/ownamwaw/configs/server/maprotation.cfg file to one of the custom maps:
set sv_mapRotation "gametype dm map mp_overcong"

Go to your CMD startup editor in your game server account and make
changes, but using your game server IP numbers in and mod name:
have used xx to show where you put in your ip numbers. notice that the
second set of ip numbers has _ (underscores between numbers, not
periods as in the first instance. Also set your maxclients to the

amount of slots you have for your server.

dedicated 2 +set net_ip xx.xx.xx.xx +set fs_game mods/ownamwaw +set
sv_maxclients 20 +set ui_maxclients 20 +set net_port 28960 +exec
server.cfg +map_rotate +set fs_localAppData
c:\games\xx_xx_xx_xx\999999\codww +set fs_game mods/ownamwaw

(999999)=put your gameserver account number instead of 999999 in above cmd line.

Restart your server..If you did everything right, the mod will starup
and will automattically download from your redirect webspace, and the
game will start.

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