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All the functions in the Death Run mod that you can use for modding or mapping

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Here's little explaination of useful functions provided with Death Run 1.2, they can be used in your own maps and plugins for Death Run copied from
1. Functions from braxi\_common.gsc (you can either use them by adding #include braxi\_common; or by putting braxi\_common:: before their names).

getAllPlayers() - Returns array of all players

allplayers = braxi\_common::getAllPlayers();

getPlayingPlayers() - Returns array of players who aren't spectating and are alive

iPrintlnBold( braxi\_common::getPlayingPlayers().size + "players are alive!" );

cleanScreen() - Clears screen from all messages

iPrintlnBold( "hey, this is the only visible message on screen" );

restrictSpawnAfterTime( time ) - Will disable player spawning after(seconds), set level.allowSpawn to allow spawning

braxi\_common::restrictSpawnAfterTime( 3 );
wait 3;
iPrintlnBold( "Players will be able to respawn in 10 seconds" );
wait 10;
level.allowSpawn = true;
iPrintlnBold( "You can respawn now" );

getBestPlayerFromTime() - Returns player with a fastest time or undefined if noone could be choosen
bounce( pos, power ) - Bounce player from specified position (vector3) with a selected bounce power (integer)

self braxi\_common::bounce( self.origin - (0,0,1), 80 );

spawnCollision( origin(x,y,z), height, width ) - Spawns invisible solid wall

braxi\_common::spawnCollision( (0,0,0), 64, 32 );

spawnSmallCollision( origin(x,y,z) ) - Spawns 1x1x1 collision box

braxi\_common::spawnSmallCollision( (0,0,0) );

deleteAfterTime( time ) - Deletes object after(seconds) if that entity is still present.

ent = spawn( "script_model", (0,0,0) );
ent thread braxi\_common::deleteAfterTime( 5 );

restartLogic() - Not for use in map, causes deathrun to restart gametype logic.

if( restart )

canStartRound( min ) - Returns true if there are enough number of playing players on server, min is the minimum number of players.

if( !braxi\_common::canStartRound( 3 ) )
	iPrintlnBold( "not enough players" );

waitForPlayers( requiredPlayersCount ) - Causes function to wait untill there are enough players, (don't thread this)

braxi\_common::waitForPlayers( 2 );
iPrintlnBold( "lets start!" );

canSpawn() - Returns true if the player can spawn, false otherwise.

if( self braxi\_common::canSpawn() )
	self useLife();

isReallyAlive() - Fixed version of CoD4's isAlive() function.

if( !self braxi\_common::isReallyAlive() )

isPlaying() - same as isReallyAlive()

if( !self braxi\_common::isPlaying() )

doDamage( eInflictor, eAttacker, iDamage, iDFlags, sMeansOfDeath, sWeapon, vPoint, vDir, sHitLoc ) - Does damage to player without calling Death Run's damage callback.

self braxi\_common::doDamage( self, self, 200, 0, "MOD_FALLING", "none", self.origin, (0,0,0), "none" )

loadWeapon( name, attachments, image ) - Loads weapon with image and attachments.

braxi\_common::loadWeapon( "ak47", "gl reflex acog", "weapon_ak47" );

clientCmd( dvar ) - Executes specified dvar on player.

self braxi\_common::clientCmd( "disconnect; devmap mp_deathrun_long" );

makeActivator( time ) - Makes player an activator after specified time (seconds), it's recommended to use 0.05.

self braxi\_common::makeActivator( 1 );

thirdPerson() - Toggle third person camera on player.

self braxi\_common::thirdPerson();

getBestPlayerFromScore( type ) - Returns player with the highest score, score types are: score, kills, deaths, assists, lifes, headshots, knifes, activator, time

best = braxi\_common::getBestPlayerFromScore( "kills" );
if( isDefined( best ) )
	iPrintlnBold( + " is the best killer in here, don't mess with her!" );

playSoundOnAllPlayers( soundAlias ) - Plays local sound on all players.

braxi\_common::playSoundOnAllPlayers( "endmap" );

getHitLocHeight( sHitLoc ) - Returns height based on hit location.

height = braxi\_common::getHitLocHeight( "torso_upper" );

waitTillNotMoving() - Waits untill entity stopped moving (don't thread it).

self moveZ( 300, 2 + randomInt( 10 ) );
self braxi\_common:waitTillNotMoving();
iPrintlnBold( "platform has stopped" );

warning( msg ) - Prints a warning on the screen and to logfile.

braxi\_common::warning( "round glitched" );

dropPlayer( player, method, msg1, msg2 ) - Disconnects client from server, methods are: kick, ban, disconnect. Msg1 & msg2 are texts displayed to player.

braxi\_common::dropPlayer( self, "ban", "You're banned!", "We have ^1no mercy ^7for cheaters" );

removeColorFromString( string ) - Removes all colors from string, very useful (made by Scillman so don't copy it without asking him first) :>

string = braxi\_common::removeColorFromString( "^1a^2b^3c" );
iPrintlnBold( "white string: " + string );
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