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this tutorial is designed to help any level of modder. the intermediate side of this is your personal experence with image editors.

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PICK A PROJECT------------------------III
GATHER IMAGES-------------------------IV
EDIT IMAGES------------------------------V
IMPORT AND COMPILE----------------VI
[BONUS] MAPS-------------------------VIII


This is a tutorial for making buiildings for starcraft, it also covers basic modding skills for other purposes. This is to provide the reader with an insight on ONE way to mod starcraft. This tutorial is free , if any one makes any type profit off of this they will be reported to the athorities. thank you for your intrest in this project, for further comments or suggestions place them on my profile page.


To complete this tutorial fully you will need the following programs: Starcraft or Starcraft Brood War, msPaint (or any image editor), scdowngrader3, winmpq, pygrp, firegraft, and ScmDraft2. download the "extracted grp" file from my downloads section.
[run sc downgrader 3 and set the patch to 1.14 or higher for firegraft to work]


This is the most important part of the tutorial. Reasonably plan a project. the example i will be using is a simple terran building mod. i will take the command center and the engineering bay and add "armor" to the engineering bay by pasteing pieces of the command center on top of it. pretty simple right? we'll see.


To gather images first we need to make sure everything in the requirements are installed. run pygrp. [if you have windows and want to do alot of modding to grps, click on the blue button to the right of the down arrow to register the program in windows regirstry (you can click on the grp from windows explorer and edit them).] open the command center(unit\terran\control.grp), click on "single bmp" unitil the "(framesets)" changes to "(vertical)", export using the grp name (control). open the engineering bay (unit\terran\weaponpl), export using same name (weaponpl).
open paint swich to select tool and right click , click"paste from", add the command center then repeate for the engineering bay. it should look like this...

save your project as something simple "1.bmp" so if you mess up you can come back and start over.
after saving remove all but the top two buildings leaving one of each, like this...


for this example i am using the base and the overlay of the engineering bay these parts have to be "removed" since they will only get in the way...
now the enginerring bay is the base overlap for the mod. now the command center needs to be disassembled...

now we are ready to paste the parts on the base overlap...
now with the parts in place we are ready to overlap the base overlap onto the origonal engineering bay...

[note] you need to do this to the bmp you extracted for the engineering bay (weaponpl) making sure not to mess up the dimentions of the picture


Once you have the bmp ready take note of how many frames there are and save it. go back to pygrp goto file>new click the button to the left of the minus sign select the bmp (weaponpl) input the number of frames (in this case 6). Ctrl+Alt+A (save as) same name (weaponpl). now you are done with the grp. open firegraft and start a new exe project and name it what you want. save it and exit. open winmpq and file>open (your project.exe), click "add" and add the grp when the prompt comes up pu in "unit\terran\" hit enter. now the mod is complete


make sure your copy of starcraft is in the cd/dvd rom, and run (your mod.exe).
happy playing!!


THIS SECTION IS TO INTRODUCE THE IDEA OF MAKING MAPS WITH THE MODS YOU MAKE. first thing is to go to firegraft and start a new mpq instead of exe. open winmpq file>open>(your project.mpq) add grp to this one too. open ScmDraft2. click on the bar under "select profile" type in your mods name. click add then click edit. in the new window you will see "data mpqs" in the box under it you will see this...
{where yours should go]

hit the browse button and fine the mpq for your mod and ckick ok
move it up or down till it looks like the example above.
adn there you have it! a profile that contains your changes and allows you to make maps for your mods.


Images for this article are lost. Can you reupload them?

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