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How to create custom themes in Liquid Cubed 1.0.3b

Posted by on - Basic Textures

1. Getting Started:

  1. Create a folder in the LiquidCubed\Themes folder for your new theme, or copy and paste the "retro" theme already included.

2. Textures:

  1. Open Paint
  2. Go to Image > Attributes (CTRL+E),
    set the width / height to 16
  3. Draw your image
  4. Save the image in your theme's folder as any of the names below.

Replaceable Textures List:


RE: Grass, Pumps, and Skyboxes:

These textures are are divided evenly into four squares, each square representing a different part of the same texture.

Extra Info:

  • If a texture's name is incorrect, Liquid Cubed will use the default texture as a fallback.
  • Each texture must be a .PNG
  • Grass, Pumps, and Skybox textures are divided into 2x2 textures.
  • Transparency only affects glass blocks
  • Transparency is either solid, or fully transparent, there is no "smooth" in-between.
  • Textures can be different resolutions for different blocks. One block can be 16x16, the other 128x128.
  • Textures should be made symmetrical (the same wide as they are tall), but will still function if they're asymmetric.
  • Textures shouldn't be any larger than 256x256, but higher resolutions might function as well.
  • To make glass Transparency, you'll need a paint program that supports transparent (24-bit) .PNG's. Some of these would include: Gimp (free), Paint (Windows 7), Photoshop, GameMaker

3. Settings:

  1. Copy and Paste the Settings.xml from the "retro" theme folder into your own theme's folder.
  2. Open the Settings.xml file with Notepad (Right-click > Open With... > Notepad)
  3. Adjust the settings in the .xml as desired.

IdleSpeed="0" Transparency="0.8" />
Diffuse="1" Ambience="0.75" />
Diffuse="0.8" Ambience="0.1" />
Diffuse="0.35" Ambience="0.75" />
Diffuse="0.75" Ambience="0.75" />
Top_R="0" Top_G="0" Top_B="0"
Top_A="255" Bottom_R="74" Bottom_G="31"
Bottom_B="0" Bottom_A="255" />
Top_R="0" Top_G="0" Top_B="0"
Top_A="255" Bottom_R="0" Bottom_G="14"
Bottom_B="41" Bottom_A="255" />

Extra Info:

  • Water Idlespeed is how slow the water's surface texture moves when the water is no longer moving.
  • Diffuse is the "bright" side of blocks, Ambience is the "dark" side of blocks.
  • The skybox gradient is only used when there is no skybox texture, the skybox gradient going from top to bottom with an RGBA (red, green, blue, alpha) value.

4. Music

  1. Place any number of .MP3 files into your theme's folder, and it will play as a "custom soundtrack" when you use your theme.

Cool! But soon there will be annoying and stupid themes popping up and making people angry.

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