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Step by step on how to integrate your own Portraits in-game!

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TUTORIAL for SoNER v1.02 and later

Warning: Doing this may cause in-compatible checksums! If you're planning to play with your friends make sure to give them the altered textures so they're the same among the parties involved.

Step 1: You will need to open 4 of the following textures with your preferred Image Editing Software. (GIMP is used in the example)

All located in Textures folder

  • Portraits_LARGE.tga
  • Portraits_MEDIUM.tga
  • Portraits_SMALL.tga
  • Portraits_TINY.tga

Step 2: Take 4 samples of your Image with these sizes:

example 3

  • LARGE goes to Portraits_LARGE.tga
  • MEDIUM goes to Portraits_MEDIUM.tga
  • SMALL goes to Portraits_SMALL.tga
  • TINY goes to Portraits_TINY.tga

Step 3: Drag and drop the corresponding sized image into a placeholder or an already filled slot

Example: LARGE sample being placed in the Portraits_LARGE.tga texture

image 136

Repeat the same thing for the rest of the textures, Portraits_MEDIUM.tga, Portraits_SMALL.tga and Portraits_TINY.tga

Step 4: Overwrite/Save all the textures (Ctrl + S)

image 138

Step 5: To use your newly created Portrait go to the My Character section of the game and press the "Change Portrait" button until it appears on your screen

Change Portrait

Step 6: Play and Have Fun!

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