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hi in this tutorial you will be going to step by step of how to create a working hud with the health bar and the ammo bar enjoj

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Hi there this is one of my first tutorial of how to create a hud for crysis
download link :

Actionscript 2.0 code

function setHealth(arg:Number)
if (arg <0) { arg=0; }
health_txt.text = arg;
health_txt.text = arg-1
function setEnergy(arg:Number)
energy_txt.text = arg;
energy_txt.text = arg-1

function setAmmo(iSomething:Number, iAmmo:Number, iClipSize:Number,
iRestAmmo:Number, iGrenadeAmmo:Number, sGrenadeType:String, bPlayer:Boolean)
ammo_txt.text = iAmmo;
restammo_txt.text =iRestAmmo;
grenadeammo_txt.text =iGrenadeAmmo;
Name of the file after you rename it HUD_AmmoHealthEnergySuit.gfx
create a folder in crysis/game/libs if you don't have libs just create one and then go into libs and create a new folder named UI place the file in there and have fun

i hope you all enjoj it

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