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These are people who had helped New War during it's development.

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This page is still in progress.

Command & Conquer: New War / Yuri's Revenge: New War is an unofficial expansion for Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge that continues The Third War conflict with new campaigns, new units, new factions, and more. This unofficial expansion is also fix and add balance issues, including bug fixing from the original game. This mod was created by modders from C&C Community and non C&C Community.

Person who contributed a lot for this mod can be considered as volunteers. A group of this project staffs is called Creatives. Here are the Creatives and volunteers with their contributions:

-Deathreaperz: Founder, Leader, Story Writer, Mission Designer, Mapper, Coder
-Creator: Voxel Artist, Tester
-Fission: Voxel Artist, Tester
-BySc: SHP Artist, Tester
-cxtian39: SHP Artist
-Wave: Mapper, Tester
-MustaphaTR: Mission Designer, Tester
-Ambersia: Coder, Tester
-Tslza: Chinese Community Handler, Tester

-Rickrick: Voxel Artist
-Moder.U: Voxel Artist
-Bu7loos: Voxel Artist
-Atomic_Noodles: SHP Artist, SHP Fixer, Voxel Artist
-Ollerus: Mapper
-Noddy: Tester
-StolenTech: Mapper, Tester

Person who had contributed a lot for this mod in the past can be seen here:
-SuperMaxitron: 3D Artist, Tester
-IvanderLim: Tester
-Mims123: Poster Artist, Tester
-TrenchTaser: Showcaser, Tester
-SightHawk: Tester
-HG_SCIPCION: SHP Artist, Tester
-Otamaa: ARES WC Coder
-Zero Fanker: ARES WC Coder
-Demented: SHP Artist, Tester
-IamInnocent: Tester
-Fulger100: Tester
-Quiet: SHP Artist

Below is the credits for stuffs that we use:

Game Engine:
-ARES Team: ARES Engine
-CnCNet Team: Spawner and Multiplayer Servers

-JRE007: Dog Swimming Frames
-LordKal: KGB Agent, Rebellion, Parasite
-Trans_C: Nano Trooper, Alice, Tech Field Defenses
-Quiet: Jalaludin, Paramotor Conscript, Flame Trooper, Takada
-Atomic_Noodles: Brown Brute, SHP Fixes, Remappable Walls, SEAL Theater Variants, SHP Animation
-Droke: Psychic Sensor
-MadHQ: Radical Terrorist, Invader, Gun Turret, Gap Generator Animation, Sentry Gun, Soviet Field Facility, Tech Missile Bunker, Prime Magnetower
-Starkku: Remappable Walls, Tech Missile Bunker Damaged Frame, Terrain Tree Fixes
-CannisRabbidus: Cloning Vats
-BySc: Stealth Sensor, Soviet Tunnel, Civilian Structures
-Nooze: Hammerhead Artillery, Radio Station
-cxtian39: Ronco, Stingray
-HG_SCIPCION: Paris Tower
-G-E: Civilian Structures
-Gamemate: SHP Animations, Black Force Structures
-GraionDilach: RA1 C4 Cursor
-Gangster: Iron Wall
-Holy_Master: Riot Trooper, SHP Animations
-ApolloTD: SHP Animations
-Omegabolt: Lightpost's Alpha Lights
-Lin Kuei Ominae: SHP Animations
-DonutArnold: SHP Animations
-Mig Eater: FLH Finder, SHP Animations
-Remus: SHP Animations
-MooMan: Prime's Psychic Beacon
-Dethro: Guardian GI, Sniper
-LaoTze: Spetznaz, Bio Trooper
-Machine: Spectre
-Kenosis: Plasmator
-Ricknewbie: Tanya, Virus
-Dny: Chaingunner
-Blade: Specialist, SHP Fixes
-TX Team: Terrain Expansion
-Deathreaperz: SHP Fixes, SHP Animations
-Unknown: Force Shield Anim and others unlisted

-Carnage_Xploade: Vulcan AA Tank
-Moder.U: Grizzly Tank, Leopard Tank, Slingshot, Chrono Miner, RoboTank, Howling Artillery, Abrams Tank, Harrier, Allied Paradrop Plane, Siberian Tank, V3 Launcher, Tesla Tank, Emperor Airship, Gattling Tank, Eclipse Tank, Chaos Drone, Scrambler, Duster Tank, Tunguska, MiG Destroyer
-Roby_Rulz: Siege Chopper
-Bu7loos: Aegis Cruiser, Destroyer, Floating Disk, Grand Cannon, Hind Transport, Gattling Fist, Floating Disk
-Atomic_Noodles: Spy Plane, Mastership, Voxel Fixes
-cyanideT: Black Eagle, Chrono Prison, Slave Miner, Driller APC, Magnetron, Mastermind, Gattling Cannon, Tractor Tank, Overseer
-Agent Z: Battle Fortress
-MadHQ: Lancer Tank, Firefly, Mako Fighter, Soviet Nuke Bomber, Grinder Tank, Shadow Viper, Bio Tumbler, Overseer, Mutagenator
-Mig Eater: Comanche
-Azri_Apoc: Crescent Tank, IFV, Nighthawk, Zhan Tank, Demolition Truck
-a small c4: Ventrix Tank
-Orac: Wolfcruiser
-Sheperd Moons: KAMAZ
-TX1338: Gattling Sub
-Salted Old: SeekerBot, Reaper Tank
-rickrick: Kirov Airship
-Creator: Mirage Tank, Allied Paradrop Plane, Soviet Paradrop Plane, Prime Paradrop Plane, Black Force Paradrop Plane, European Carpet Bomber, Rhino Tank, War Miner, Flak Track, Apocalypse Tank, Lasher Tank, Siege Chopper, Whitehawk Transport, Battle Fortress, Storm Tank, Chrono Zapper, MiG Fighter, Firefly, Comanche, Crescent Tank, Tank Destroyer, Tank Killer, Orca Skyguard, Prism Tank, Sea Scorpion, Allied Hover Transport, Soviet Hover Transport, Prime Hover Transport, Gun Buggy
-Fission: Allied MCV, Soviet MCV, Prime MCV, IFV Turrets, Raptor, Civilian Vehicles

-Tomsons26lv: Black Force Logo
-Deathreaperz: Cameo work
-EVA_251: Cameo work
-Atomic_Noodles: Cameo work
-Nooze: Cameo work
-Unknown: Cameo work and others unlisted

-CnCNet Team: CnCNet
-Yurinet Team: Yurinet
-Final Alert 2 Team: Final Alert 2
-AlexB, Starkku, RP: FA2Ext
-XCC Team: XCC Utilities
-C&C Tools Team: SHP Builder, Voxel Editor, HVA Builder
-E1 Elite: AI Editor

-Seoras: Prism Enforcer, Orca Skyguard, Invader
-ComradeCrimson: Nano Trooper, Duster Tank, Tunguska
-StringStorm: Abrams Tank, Storm Tank
(incomplete list)

-Frank Klepacki: New War Soundtracks

-Mission Maps
--Deathreaperz: Limit Break, Breached, Free Landers, Industrial Play, Duneriders. (Assist: London Epic Runaway, Purple Alert)
--MustaphaTR: London Epic Runaway, Purple Alert. (Assist: Breached, Free Landers, Industrial Play, Duneriders)
-Skirmish Maps
--Cesare: Paradise Battle
--Wave: Dune Patrol X, Temptibite, UrbanX, New War Competition Map 1

Special Thanks:
-Westwood Studios: For the game
-ModDB: For mod hosting

If there are mistakes on crediting, please send e-mail to

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