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A tutorial on how to make water for your map. Ideal for all sorts of locations

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Originally posted on UnityHQ

Written by [WR] SkiZZor

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Ok in the NOLF Dedit I made a brush, and put a water texture on it, and made it a water volume brush. But in the game the water is invisible untill you go into the water. What am I doing wrong?

You need a polygrid.

Make one, and change the settings as follows for calm water.

Color 1 & 2= Make the first one a cyanish color, and the second one a dark blue. Experiment with these if you want different colors.

Alpha = .700
Additive = False
Multiply = False
Fresnel = True
RenderEarly = True
BackfaceCull = False
NormalMapSprite = False
NumPoliesX = 0 (make it higher for wavy/violent water)
NumPoliesY = 0 (same as above)
BaseReflection = .500
VolumeIOR = 1.330

PlasmaInfo (experiment with these for waves and such)

You may also need a polygrid modifier for further options. Bind it with the polygrid in the modifier's properties. Make the Polygrid the size of the space you want to fill.

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