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This intermediate to advanced tutorial will explain how to add a video to the startup queue.

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If you really want to add the extra 'cool factor' to your mod and add an intro video, read on!
First, you will need:
XML Experience
Fraps or other in-game video taking software
Windows Movie maker or other movie-making software
RAD video tools

If you have none or only some of the above, Google is your friend.

Allright. So, to start, we need a vieo to add, right? If it will be in-game footage, run your mod or game, and use Fraps (or whatever program) to take the desired amount of video. When you ar satisfied with that, open Movie Maker or whatever software, and create a video using the clips you took, and add in any voice, titles, or music you want. (Note: I am writing this tutorial under the assumption you know how to use movie maker or your movie making software.)
The last frame should be a title of some sort, as it wil be frozen on the screen as the main menu loads.
When you have saved your movie, open RAD video tools, and select your video file. When it has been selected, click the button saying 'BINK It!'. Wait for the time it takes to convert to .bik. (NOTE: .bik is the ONLY video extension supported.) It will take a while; my own :45 second vid took 30 minutes to convert.
When you have the .bik file, create this filepath: ...\Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption\Data\Mods\[yourmodname]\Data\Art\Movies\Binked\[Yourmoviename].bik

Now, open your preferred XML editor, (again, I am assuming you know how to use your editor.) and open MOVIES.xml. Below the heading (that should be the Petroglyph logo) Copy and paste that section, and substitute 'Logo2' for 'Logo3'. (The original Logo3 has been commented out and is unimportant)
It should look like this:

(NOTE: to get the movie to actually show up, it cannot be skippable.)
Save MOVIES.xml to your mod folder, fire up your mod, and enjoy the show!
(NOTE: Pictures will be added soon.)

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