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How to change the convars/Options on the create server menu in your mod

Posted by on - Basic UI/HUD

as you can see this has been changed to suit my mod this tutorial will help you change the checkboxes and textboxes on the settings vgui panel unfortunately there isnt a .RES file for this so valve placed all the necessarily stuff in the cfg/settings.scr file.

So go ahead and open it up in your notepad (not by right clicking) open your notepad and go to
file->open then to the file you should see this:

as you can see there is:

thinbasic code:
"mp_teamplay" // the convar
       "#Valve_Teamplay"//what its for e..g teamplay
       { BOOL }
       { "1" }  //Default Value

the BOOL is a checkbox and STRING is a textbox.

       { STRING }
       { "" }

      "Frag Limit"
      { NUMBER 0 10 }
      { "6" }

this is a textbox for numbers witha min of 0 and max of 10
this is probably the easyiest way of changing the convars on this vgui menu have a look at and look at the mp_ convars these are for the server.

there is another .scr for the advanced options on the multiplayer tab in options there is another tutorial:


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