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Original tutorial posted by Pogs on relicnews. Now posted here so new modders can benefit of his knowledge too. All credits to PogS

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[How-to] create a rsh file with specular mapping


postcontent wrote: hi all,

Here is a quick tutorial about creating rsh files and adding specularity to it. Specular mapping is selecting witch part of a texture will me shiny like a metallic surface.

When your main rsh file is done.

Creation of the specular map

Choose the area where you want reflection to be applied on.
These areas must be white. Light areas will shine and dark ones won't.
Make your .dds file black and white reducing saturation to 0.
Hide the non reflective areas.
Then tweak the levels (ctrl+L in photoshop but dunno in Gimp) to reduce the lightness and improve contrast as wanted. Then save it to the same name adding

IMPORTANT : Be sure to copy your 3 dds files (,, into the relevant directory :
DXP2 or Wh40k \Data\art\ebps\races\chaos\texture_share
If you do not create the rsh file from this folder, the wtp files won't load and your model won't be team colourable.
A typical specular map looks like this :

Creation of a reflection texture :

This is the texture that is reflected on the model. it is generally a radiant white to black form. It is generally named or
Create one yourself or use one already made. Here are naming examples :

postcontent wrote: -

postcontent wrote: -

Compilation of the rsh file :

- Open DoW Texture Tool (Download here)
- If not done, enable the Advanced Mode (edit menu)
- Click on Make a rsh file
- Select your main
- When prompted with the message Do you want to enable additional maps ?, click yes.
- Pressing Ctrl key, select your first and your
- Click on Open. Your rsh file is being compiled.

Your rsh file is created.

Note : you can add illumination the same way.

"self illumination" means a specific detail like say a glowing eldar rune, that will have always the same lumisosity what ever the light. if you want the rune to really glow you'll have to add a glowing FX created via the FX Editor and applied to your model via the OE editor.

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