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There are general controls in game and player must learn them for successful game.

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Player have limited variants of attacks and moves on map.
- Lunge (1 damage, in straight line to enemy).
- Slash (1 damage, move near enemy to a tile adjacent to it).
- Jump strike (1 damage, requires at least 1 energy point for jump).
- Dart (1-2 damage + bonuses, one use per battle, requires energy).
- Kick (Knockback + stun effect, works only if hero's strength exceeds enemy's weight).
Moves:- Basic move (Allows moving for 1 tile; requires free terrain; unavailable if hero is stunned).
- Hindered move (Some terrain types will exhaust/stun the hero if he moves through them).
- Rest (Stunned hero must stand still to regain basic move ability; resting 4 times in a row replenishes 1 point of energy (1 max)).
- Jump (allows to move at 2+ tiles at once; good for bypassing rough terrain; spends energy).

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